Thursday, December 9, 2010

Direct Tv The best Entertainment

Me and hubby was been busy in our work and that we overlook to check out our television provider. We had a lot of issues about it and we haven't enjoyed our current service. There are different company today that provides satisfying service but one of the top and outstanding one is direct tv and this holiday season they are offering an exquisite promotions. I checked directv packages and its affordable and reliable. Reliable because many companies and establishments attest their amazing customer service.
This directv company embraced variety of significant features, it simply provide the best entertainment that no other company can provide. Start browsing now, and find it out yourself. They provide the best value of packages in the market of television or cable provider today. Let's stop wasting our money of paying to other unsatisfactory cable provider but let's start enjoying the best television provider today and that is direct tv.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scrubs Shopping

We can't find medical scrubs to just any store. Sometimes we can find it to walmart but it is not easy to find the color that we like. Some of this scrubs has no pockets and extra accessories. When it comes to clothing, one thing that we consider is the quality of the fabric, style and the design. But good thing because blue sky scrubs are offered with variety of colors and designs so buying our medical scrubs with them would be unbeatable.
From modern to classic design elements are being offered on this company. Some of them are hand made from the USA and provide a special touch to the medical field. This company is professionally inclined, chic and very comfortable to wear. Their product line is just so amazing to get. So if your looking to buy a new medical scrubs, surgical scrubs , men scrubs and other nursing scrubs then start browsing at blue sky scrubs.
Its holiday season and they are offering extra promotions. We love to avail good deals and this is the perfect timing to shop. Have fun browsing...


Animations is pretty I like how they created different characters and I wish I will learn how to design my own animation. Hubby is watching anime tonight and he is pretty much enjoying it. It was very entertaining and fun to watch before we will go to sleep.
Both of us love watching different movie and I guess we will start collecting animated movies since we find ourselves very entertain with it. Animation is a sequence of various images of 2 or 3D art work. This kind of art creates a certain simulation and extra illusions of movement that convey an extra message.
I would love on how to make animations and other computer designs. It might requires me to get some courses at school but I wouldn't mind it....Just want to learn this very interesting art work...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Work Boots For Hubby

Hubby needs more work boots especially this winter. We both are busy and going to the mall is not an option for us. It is just hard to break our schedules, so shopping online is always the first option. Good thing because we have this available online store that provides a wide variety of merchandise including shoes.
When we are working it feels comfy when the kind of shoes that we are using fits to our job. Reliability and durability is very important when we decide to buy something. We need to make sure that the money that we are spending will not gone to waste. Sometimes even if its not reasonable in our pocket we still buy it because we thought when it is expensive the quality is high too.
But not no more, we don't need to spend much to buy high quality shoes or boots. I have the virtual solution that solve your problem. Here in the states this store provide the most high quality working shoes in the country. From converse, Cat, wolverine and other potential brands that we would like to have.
I am just so glad that I don't need to go to the mall. Hubby really need some pair of working shoes and he will be happy to know that I buy him some. Thanks to work boots USA for this amazing opportunity. Check this out too!


Common sense and initiatives are essential when we are working. It helps us to establish good performance at the job. Sometimes I guess we just feel lazy that's why even if we know that there's another work to be done, we tried to play blind or act like we don't know.
I am not a whiner I just do what I got to do at the job but recently I notice that some people are not doing there job well and I started to get irritated. They have better time schedules than mine well technically the management trust me more than the other lol thats why my schedule is in a later time... but anyways I hope that the management will notice it and check them out.
I love working and I am not a lazy person. I don't like other people to tell me what to do because I know what is going on. But there are some people who can't cease themselves of playing bossy. Well I put high respect on my supervisors and I respect them when they told me something but to my regular co worker? I dont think so... I guess it is unethical that they play bossy but what ever. Sometimes I get tired but I need to work. I have been driving and I love the freedom and the independence with my car.
Hubby and I are focus on our goals in life and that is to gratify ourselves later. We both believe it that it is better to work hard, do some sacrifices and later on is to gratify our selves and rejoice of the fruitful outcome.
One God can give me more strength and perseverance and I thank Him for that...

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Advertising is one of the most dynamic strategies to market our business. It will provide striking methods to advertise our products or business agencies faster that we thought. I found a site that deliberates effective advertising at Advertising Agency with a lot of creative and effective results.
Their goal is to provide a diverse outcome and make their clients happy and secured. They are fully equipped when it comes to the most Internet resources. Their advertising revolution is very quick with their skilled advertising specialist. Their search engine optimization is design to promote and explore our website without wasting money on it.
So if you are planning to advertise your company I suggest that you should not go farther. They are very creative and they develop some unique strategies when it comes to advertising and marketing. People are relying to the Internet and one of the best way to generate more income is to attract more clients. Let the world acknowledge your business through advertising...check it out!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diamond Collection Perfect For This Christmas Holiday

Jewelries is one of the most ultimate collections for women. We love gold, silver, crystal and of course the most precious gem the diamond. Diamond is just one of the impressive collection that women and even men will love to collect. Diamond is the most strongest gem on earth. They have this quality that will last forever.

I have found some exquisite collections that captive my interest. They have the most authentic collections with a very reasonable price to afford. Have you ever thought what to give to your special love ones on Christmas? Diamond is a good idea for this Christmas Holiday.

If you are planning to give your fiance a precious set of
diamond engagement rings, then buy it now. Just don't forget to consider the quality and the price. I am a person that loves my own design and I was so happy to know we can also customize our own jewelries. So If you are planning to create your own style then you can now have your engagement rings design your own eternity rings.
Grab your diamond eternity rings now and enjoy the beauty with it. I am not only planning to have another set of diamond rings but I am also looking forward to collect their watches. Just giving you some head up friends...Check it out...Remember this collection is bizarre and 100% guaranteed. Find it out by your own designer to your jewelries....for 100 years of excellency that diamond store is just one of the legendary store that I have ever found...

Cleaning Business

I just asked for a different time schedules at my job for 4 Tuesdays as part of our business training. Good thing because a friend said she can switch her schedules with me. I am very excited to finally started it and generate more income more. The economy is just so bad to have a second job and so hubby and I decided to have our own business.
Cleaning business is just so perfect for the economy because it don't requires more expenses. Well let see though but I am building our cleaning business site and i will write all the updates including photos.
It is very exciting because we have our own uniforms and stuff. Hubby used to have this kind of business and he made good money and now were back...
I will keep you guys posted on my updates and of course on my new cleaning website blog....
Happy Thanks Giving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheap Auto Insurance In Colorado

When we buy a car it definitely requires auto insurance. Auto insurance is very essential for so many things. Having auto insurance is just assuring that we are safe in case of some cercumstances. Every place or cities has various of insurance companies. I just acquire some insurance from this prestigious auto insurance company and I was stunned for tons of money that I need to pay every month. I just find it too much amount to pay.
However I can't settle for it so I tried to search and browse more companies that provide reliable service but affordable coverage. With my surprise I certainly across cheap auto insurance in Colorado that represent volume of resources to Colorado resident. They explains and very comprehensive of introducing all the quotes that they can provide for free.
I learned that here in the state of Colorado the law requires us to carry 25/50/15, in figures it describes that 25 is for 25k dollars for bodily injury per person injured, 50 is $50,000 total coverage of bodily injury liability per accident, and 15 is for 15k for the property damage per accident.
I was stunned knowing this figures myself. It's just that I have no enough knowledge about auto insurance. If you are not happy to your current car insurance then its time to shop and switch over to the most cheaper but convenient one. Why settle to the most expensive one if we could still avail the 25/50/15 insurance coverage? Look at the figures folks...and start making an estimate...
I guess its time for us to know that there are cheaper insurance today that provide amazing coverage specially here in Colorado. Try it yourself... I just did it and I found the huge difference. Good Luck!

Wedding Anniversaries

What is the significant of giving importance in our wedding anniversaries? Some people celebrate even their "month saries". They give thanks of the span of time that they get through despite of some unexpected struggles. So when were talking about wedding anniversaries, we cherish and treasure it more since the time span is years.
There are different ways to celebrate anniversaries. We can surprise them to some of their favorite food or stuff to get. A simple bouquet of flowers is also lovely to get or to give. Going into a cruse, vacation overseas or dining to the most delicious restaurant in town is a good idea too.
Being married is a great experience everyday however the task of being a husband and a wife is not like eating a piece of cake without baking it, in other words it needs a work to be done! Like cooking it requires some spices to mix it with them to taste it good. Again marriage is like cooking it requires proper preparation in order to provide a good delicious taste. Sometimes we can make it salty, spicy and even a sweeter taste.
It is a journey that requires patience, perseverance and true love. Some married people get lost on their journey but they always have a choice to make it right, it depends when they still value it or not. I just celebrated my wedding anniversary last Saturday and I am blessed and glad that God showered us with a bounty blessings of love. More wedding anniversaries to come for us!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mortgage Loan Information

Finding the right home is not just getting a new fascinating dress or clothes. It requires money, qualifications and other bank or mortgages involve. It is very stressful specially if our credit is not that excellent. Some mortgage company are just too daunting to reach their qualifications. Every states here in the United States have varies mortgage rates. And so getting across this advantage home rates is a huge help to get more valuable information's about mortgage rates. If you want more informations check their homepage and I will assure you, it is very informative.
They help people that has different level of credit scores. They have intended rates to any buyer with high or low credit scores. They provide several programs to people who has low income or even bad credits. If you want to know more about home loan then your in the right side of the track because they provide a complete home loan modification process information's. And a very helpful tips to any first time home buyers. I am also to glad to share that first time home buyer can still avail the $8 thousand tax credit, they are still extending it. Geese its very beneficial.
For more tutorial about mortgage solutions for low and bad credit ratings check right here. The higher credit the better the rate but we can't avoid some circumstances of having a low credit. One tip for our downpayment is if we can put a substantial down payment even if we have a low credit we could still avail a great rates from our loan...
The required down payment from the lender is 20%. So lets learn more and check it out!

Happy Spirit

So again I talked to some of the missionaries. My friend at the job invited me for dinner last night and I had fun. I feel very welcomed and blessed. This people that I knew recently are not perfect and not saying they are right but they are helping me to understand about the beginning of our faith. How does it happen and who are those people who was bestowed to share the message. I agreed with them that every time we relay a message to someone most of the time the message will never be the same.
For two years I feel like am lost though I prayed every night. I just feel like lost because I did not find a church to go to. I feel like I questioned my own spiritual devotion. But because of this genuine friends I have found some answers that I have been looking for. They help me to understand and it becomes my wisdom to keep and share for my love ones.
I am looking forward to be more spiritually incline and learn more about God. I can feel the good spirit in me and I am so proud of myself to find it. God loves me!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Authored by Jacinto Miranda

I have always been an avid camper. We use to own a Volkeswagon bus as a kid and would frequently take the VW bus up to the mountains for the weekend. My parents would pop the top and sleep in the bed up top. My sister and I would fight over who got to sleep in the cool hammock and who had to sleep in the smaller bed below the loft. We would spend the weekend fishing and hiking.
We would cook hot dogs over campfires and gorge ourselves on marshmallows. I had such fond memories of these times that I decided it would be something to do with my children. I do not have a Volkeswagon van so instead I bought a 4 person tent and 4 sleeping bags. The kids and my husband were very excited about my new found interest in camping. My sons were already taking bets on who would see the most bears.
The day of the camping trip we set our HERE alarm and head out on the road. The drive to the state park that we were camping in was relatively short. When we got there we set up the tent and built a fire. The kids immediately wanted to go exploring. We set off on a hike fully intending to enjoy our first camping trip as a family.

My faith

Most of the time people are more focus on their religion and get astray the true essence why we go to church. As a broad minded individual I came to realize that religion affects a lot why people needs to have loyalty to where they believe is true. Every church has a gospel to believe and several teachings that differs to the others. For over two years of staying here in the states, I have been trying to look for a church to go to.
A church that will accept me and give me more explanations about spiritual aspects. Religion are set of beliefs concerning on the creation of nature, humanity and the universe. Each religion follows what they believe and certain spiritual gospel. Fortunately I found a church that I think will give me more wisdom to understand spiritually. Faith is not all about believing but learning about the teaching of God.
I feel the spirit today and I was so happy. I want to gain more wisdom and be grateful everyday. I want to see each miracles that God give me despite of my imperfection... Right now am looking forward to be more knowledgeable about the message of heavenly father, Jesus Christ and the holy ghost...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crowd Control Guide

We will have a fall festival next week and we are inviting everyone to come. As one of the event coordinator I am assigned to find crowd control products to keep the event smooth as possible. Organizing an event is not as easy as it is. It requires proper management and planning to avoid unnecessary occurrence. Good thing camel back displays save me from getting disorganize.
They provide crowd control products that delivers different crowd control accessories to any events such as party, safety and crowd barriers, traffic barricades and more. The company provide different designs and the following that I consider to get are the stanchions, velvet rope that we usually see in the different convention events, and their portable barricades crowd control. Now I am at ease and glad that I found this company. I can make order ahead of time and be prepared before next week will comes.
If you are looking for some crowd control products, check this is out and organize your events perfectly. Have fun browsing!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muscle Stimulator

When our body gets older some co-occurring pain exist out of the blue. It is annoying but it happens to most of our old folks. We don't want them to suffer back pain, knee pain and more. Most of the time they are in and out from our doctor's and physicians and they usually take pain reliever to ease the excruciating pain.

A new innovation is now provided to help our love ones to savor each moment of their adulthood. And now introducing from lg med supply is completely equipped with their new
TENS Units and Muscle Stimulators that ease our old folks pain. This equipped technology are essential to relieve any pain that anyone are suffering. This LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator is one of the most top seller over the said years that helps your acute and chronic pain to vanish.

For more information's
Visit LGMedSupply Online and make your order. Don't let this pain pave our happiness and enjoy our life. Also to gain more good insights about this product read and check online customer blog and be inspired of the people who had given some help from lg supply.

Tips On how to Market Your Business

I talked to a long time friend and she is trying to market her business by acquiring some advertisement company online. She was pricing some ads and banners online and I bet its quite pricey. I told her that 95% of the population today is shopping online. She has no business website yet and I gave her some tips and advice on how to generate more income and how to invite more potential clients.
  • Put up and establish your own business website or own a web hosting. In your website talk about your services, the reliability of your company, the authenticity and more advantages if people will choose to opt your services. You also need to include your contact information's and more genuine details in your services.
  • For more exposure, acknowledgements and popularity, acquire to some of our advertisement company that provide advertisements through their comprehensive bloogers.
  • Advertise your company through selected magazines and coupons.
  • Have Banners and fliers.
  • YouTube video

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Infrared Saunas

I heard about the benefits of having our own saunas at home. The latest Infrared sauna is accordingly more advantage to use compare to the traditional sauna. What is Infrared Sauna by the way? Infrared Saunas provide health benefits. Its a way of relaxation and getting off the stress. This saunas will provide radiant heat that absorbs directly into the human body. The health benefits of using saunas helps to lessen the pain from fatigue and stress, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis and more.

Last labor day holiday they had a huge sale. Infrared Saunas for sale can be browse at with some free cushions for a certain amount of your order. I would love to have Infrared Spas and Saunas on that way I don't need to go to the salon. I can save some money and my time at the same time. For more significant information about sauna's don't go farther and check this unbeatable offers from coastal sauna. Have fun browsing!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Agua Bendita Finale 2010

I watched the agua bendita finale and the teleserye just showed that in every rain and struggles in life, rainbow and sunshine will come. We will always have shortcomings, issues, problems and other struggles. However this will serve as our fighting weapon to be more stronger to face the uncertainties. It will never be perfect but we can make it the most special one. I guess all we need in life is a peaceful life, more love, more understanding to different angles and faces in life. Life is great indeed with our family and friends who truly love and care for us.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scrubs For Infant Teachers

Working in a preschool is pretty exciting specially in the infant class room. I usually worked with preschooler kids but recently I had been assigned to work with infants atleast twice a week. They are so cute and lovely. The teachers has different activities for them. They have gym time, music and piano, play ground and many more. Infants will drooled and barf anytime and sometimes they have some blow-ups that messed their clothes. The school required the teachers to wear scrub uniforms. This is to keep their clothes free from those funny messed...
I had a chance to wear their uniform scrubs and it is very comfy.Since the infant teachers are all women I check some scrub for women online. I have across blue sky scrubs that provide wide variety of scrubs such as medical scrubs, surgical scrubs and other accessories. They provide the finest and most fashionable scrubs today. They are very creative with their hat scrubs with their most quality materials.
The most awaiting scrubs that is coming soon is this what they called the lab coats for women. This womens scrubs are designed to invite people to wear and be comfortable enough while they are working in their field. Their style and design are just so captivating to wear. This is very essential for nurses, doctors and beyond. Check it out folks. Tomorrow I will tell my school about it. I think they need more scrubs for their infant and first steps teachers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

With Repairpal Our Auto repair will be easy

Looking for the most reliable and quality auto repair and maintenance estimates? Repair pal is the most comprehensive site today that provide unbiased reviews and auto estimates. When everyone is trying to get their prices high this site will ensure to all their customer that every one will be given the accurate cost of their auto repair. If you're in Chicago area then Chicago auto repair will resolve any of your auto issues.
They are well-experienced enough to tackle the job easily. Like Colorado, other states like California, Illinois, Chicago and more also experience the four exciting seasons that obviously affects to our cars aircondition and to our climate control system. Acquiring their service will assured us that the said problems will be resolve. They have this very current reviews about 2002 Toyota Corolla with the unbiased reviews, ratings and common problems that was been repaired like brand new.
Aside from breaks replacement problem the other common problem in our car specially during summer is water pump replacement. The water pump is very essential to keep our cooling system run smoothly. We need to be wise of choosing the right auto repair or else we will spend more and just waste our money. Check Repair pal now!

Happy Fiesta August 27-28

Its August 27, 2010 in the Philippines and of course its our hometown fiesta. As far as I know the said cities that commemorates fiesta are Cagayan de oro city, Valencia and of course my own beloved home town Old Damulog. In our family we celebrate fiesta every year with several reasons. First is we serve this as our thanks giving for giving us good harvest when my father still used to run a farm, we dedicated it to our own patron Saint Augustin and of course to God. Fiesta is commonly hosted by our own Catholic church. There's always a procession followed with a church mass. People go to church and give thanks to God. Any member of the family whose not at home will try to come home and celebrate the said celebration. There's a feast of food in every house that offers everyone to eat. There are some sports activities and a traditional coronation night with some selected beautiful ladies. Everyone is being united on this festival. I miss my home a lot and I can't wait to be home again and spend quality with my family. Happy Fiesta everyone!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oasis Healthy Shares

Our natural resources succors us a lot to modify our lifestyle. They said taking some good medicine and other vitamins can change our life twice. First from the illness that we are suffering in and second from the medicine that gives our strength and health back. Have you heard about Oregano Oil from oasis advance wellness? Folks they are providing high-tech natural solution that is essential to our everyday survival. Diabetes is one of the toll that is stopping every ones health to be well. It becomes an epidemic here in America. It is ruining one's life but with the help of Dr. Lanphier we can now talk to her and consult our health problems.
I learned that there are six kinds of healthy oil that our diet needs aside from oregano oil. We all know that fats has been lingering its bad effects for many years. But our body needs certain amount of oil in order to function well. This oil will serves as an antioxidants and a great source of essential fatty acids. So the following oil that our body needs includes organic hemp seed oil, macadamia nut oil, tea seed oil, tea seed oil, extra virgin oil and other healthy essential oil.
A recent product that they are introducing today is this what they called Bio D-Mulsion with vitamin D-3. This vitamin D is the micro-emulsified to enhance absorption meaning to disperse into an emulsion. This vitamins is essential to our bones mineralization or skeletal development. They are rich in calcium that our body needs to have. My sister and my mom has weak bones and I am planning to get one of this. With this vitamins they can have enough calcium absorption.


Common antibiotics that I know is penicillin or streptomycin. What are antibiotics for or where they derived from? Antibiotics are being used to prevent any kind of infection from spreading or getting severe. This substance derived from certain bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that will fight for other microorganisms that is growing in our system and usually get us sick. I am taking some certain antibiotics right now to cure my sinus infection. My immune system is not immune enough to any bacteria that goes around at my job. Accordingly its takes a year for you to get immune with all of those bacteria when you work at preschool or at the health care. I am bothered of getting sick every 3 months and its keeping me running a lot of errands. I cant rely forever with antibiotics It might not work in my system one day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Facts About Mesothelioma

Everyone needs an inspiration specially when we are physically unhealthy and ill. Some believes in miracle and some don't. Cancer is the most crucial illness that when it hit to someones health it is hard for them to recover and survive. One of the most special someone in our family passed away because of cancer. We morn until now but we keep going and get strength from each member of the family. Not all will die with cancer, many people are the living proof that cancer can be cured. One of the living proof that I was so amazed of his story is a survivor from Sydney Australia. He is Mr. Paul Kraus. He was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Disease and given some months to survive.
Therefor his cancer is metastatic already. Mr. Kruas did not lose hope but he uses his resources to fought this deadly illness that almost killed himself. He succeeded and he wrote a book to share it to everyone. Most of us are unaware that getting exposed to asbestos substance can destroy the most important cells in our lungs that cause mesothelioma. Some company are using this substance and if you are working on that company rest assured that you will be infected on its badly effects. Good news because we can face the battle with our design Mesothelioma Lawyer and Mesothelioma Attorney. They came up with this law to protect and give justice to people who are exposed on this deadly substance. If your one of them who work with asbestos substance then make your first quickest move. Get cured and get justified!
My mom is in the hospital right now and her sugar level is high. I have been asking my sister to find some diet meal that is appropriate for her situation. My mom is already 70 years old and it is pretty hard to monitor everything that she has right now. So the only last recourse is to confined her in the hospital and let the doctor take care and monitored her sugar and cholesterol level.

There are some ways to lower our blood sugar levels and the following are:

  • Food that has high level of carbohydrates can be obtain by eating a lot of rice. And so lowering our rice intake can lessen our sugar level. Mom was been eating oatmeal but since sometimes she overdo eating fruits so that might be the cause. Also food that has high with fiber is also essential in lowering our sugar level. This high fiber food are oatmeal, whole grain bread, dry beans and more.
  • Exercise varies to ages...when your old its not advisable to run but a walk is a good thing. So like my mom shes 70 yrs old she can afford to walk every morning not too far from our house.
  • Having a daily check up in our sugar level is very essential. We cant trust the fact that since we are doing all the healthy habits we are now free from having the high sugar level.
  • Balance your diet and always consider what is healthy for you.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Security

I visited my friends house yesterday and outside their house I saw an ADT sign. So I asked her about the service and she goes since they got this ADT home security she feels more confident and secured. Her husband is travelling sometimes and she have a three year old daughter that makes her scared sometimes without secured safety monitor. Before they had ADT, she end up sleeping over to a friends house. If the husband is gone for three days, she is also gone for three days because she is not confident at all. But now she goes, " I am very delighted and feel at ease and safe to stay with my little girl specially during nigh time" They have the best security monitors 24/7 a week and 367 days a year.
Opting their service is securing our family safe so in other words their broad view security protection is very reliable and can be viewed here at They will respond immediately in times of emergencies so we don't need to worry. They ensure that all homes that opted their service are all secured because that is their job. It's time to boost our home security. Unlike before we can not leave our door unlock, or even open the window to catch some fresh breeze in the air. During summer we tried to get busy in our backyard and accordingly this is the time when burglars will strike.
Our window is open and even the door, but guess what? even the whole house is wide open, with ADT monitors... this burglary can not penetrate or else they will be on jail. Adt was been the top leading company that provides home security according to consumer reports. They can't afford to have interruptions but their network monitor is always on the go. Check it now! Be comfortable and have peace in your mind...Stop worrying but get adt!


We have our secrets and personal issues in life. This kind of endeavor is very sensitive and we tried to keep it by ourselves as much as possible. But since we have what we called "trusted friends" we do share and even asked some comfort from them. But sometimes the said friends are not too perfect to keep it. They shared it to other people and those "other people" are wrong to shared with. That's when gossiping comes in...a conversation that spreads personal information to others. Its good to share but when we reveals others intimacy and secrets that is not pleasant at all specially when we talk about it during special occasions. I am very careful for my personal issues and yes sometimes I do share it to my trusted friends but I don't get into details. Just a precautions! lol

Cable Packages With Direct TV

Everyone in our area is acquiring DIRECTV packages and I was wondering why? Whats the new buzz on their cable packages? With my Internet and cable provider right now, me and hubby are not delighted because of some interruptions. It is annoying, very inconvenient and a huge waste. I thought I had a perfect choice but sad to know that we end up complaining and still we are not given the right service that we want to avail. Good thing direct tv has this my tv options that gives you an opportunity to pick the Dish packages that you want to avail.
If you're interested in saving and compensate the money that you are paying then don't think twice. My experienced with other tv and Internet provider was such a huge mistake. But now and am grateful that everything is being provided. Their customer service is very approachable and they act more than they talk. I came from the Philippines my family is an avid fun of America shows. I was so stunned when I found out that direct tv offers programming even in the Philippines.
I saw my flag on their website and am so proud of acknowledging my beloved home. Indeed I strongly agree that direct tv brings the world to us. They have the best place to find international channel and I can't wait to tell my friends in norway, china and other places in the world. Check it yourself too and avail the most enjoyable and satisfying service today!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tips to Prepare for Camping Escapades

We have a plan to go camping and venture up to the mountain. This will be my first time and I want to be fully-prepared and have a memorable experience. We cannot just wonder to the wild or unknown area without proper preparation and precautions or else it can be a disaster. So I tried to research some of the most helpful tips on what to ready when heading to camping.

The following are the very effective ways to prepare before deciding to go the wild:
  • Pick an establish campground not so far from the civilization in case of emergencies. Ask some reservations and camping guide.
  • Ask about what are the applicable camping tents to bring such as travel trailers, sleeping bags or anything
  • Be ready to have your first aide for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Easy food to cook with some energizers on it.
  • Cooler pack to keep your drinks and food cold and fresh.
  • Also bring some fresh dried foods in case you will be run out of some fresh foods.
  • If you are planning to go fishing on the camping don't forget to bring fishing equipment.
  • Bring a map, GPS, or any navigation devices.
  • Repair equipment in case your stuff needs some repair
  • Always bring extra for everything.
  • Have a menu to follow to budget your meals. This is to avoid running out of food supply.
  • Some kitchen equipment like can opener, knives, dish detergent, cutting board and a lot more.
  • Bring enough water its very important to have enough on this.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Direct TV

There's a lot of cable provider that is very enchanting to get. Some said they have the most high definition and clear monitor. Some are claiming to be the most affordable and reliable one. But guess what amongst the most top leading tv provider, direct tv is the best one. This directv comes with free satellite dish installation that makes our tv perform way better than ever. The most exciting of this satellite is that they implement some government rules for installing a dish. Way back 1996 federal communications commissions adapted some rules for what they called over-the-air-reception-devices. There rules is pretty amazing that other providers doesn't have. Right now we can avail two free upgrades to our DVR and Receiver that normally cost around $ 298. Look at the figures we can have that upgrade for free...We can also get a free quote for less than 15 minutes and we can definitely compare the lower cost. Stop settling yourself in your old ordinary cable when you can have your experience way better than before. Direct tv scored over 10th year in a row that provide high customer satisfaction. There sports programming offered the most high definition and best exclusive sports. They are the number 1 satellite provider in the country. Pay-less now and have a high standard quality service. Check it now!

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence day to all.....the day were the United States was been free from the colonization of Great Britain. This special day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, carnivals, concerts, political speeches and other related ceremonies. The 4th of July is a federal holiday commemorating the freedom of all Americans.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aussie Insurance

Are you looking for a virtual insurance company that will handle your insurances. Aussie insurance introduces term life insurance quote, and offers aussie accident cover and funeral plans. This kind of preparation may sound unusual but this is practical. Preparing this kind of future expenses is a way of protecting our family. This company is way established and the most trusted company helps you to avail mortgage loans, home loans, credit cards and even home loans. If you want a great deal to avail, acquire Aussie and they will take care of everything. If you need some updates or even switch to other insurance policy try aussie now!

Cry Fish

Two weeks ago we were invited to attend to a cry fish party. I was excited to attend but due to some busy schedules we weren't able to come. I saw the pictures of my friends party and it was so nice and look yummy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrating Father's day

Thanks to my buddy Allen Mcauley for the guest post

Father's day is a special time for me to honor my dad. It's the one day out of the year that my siblings and I spoil him silly. His birthday is a pretty big deal also, but on Father's day, we all go a bit crazy. That's because he is a truly amazing father.

The first step in my quest to shower my dad with gifts is to turn on my laptop. I have a reliable hughesnet internet connection and I am not afraid to use it. In fact, I consider myself an expert online shopper. Why fight traffic and waste gas when I can surf the net instead?

Within a half hour, I had selected a bunch of great gifts sure to make my father happy. With my father's sense of humor in mind, I decided to throw a few choice gag gifts into the mix. Between myself and my two sisters, he would soon be up to his chin is merchandise.

I also ordered the perfect cake from a local bakery, and made a reservation using the hughs netinternet at my dad's favorite restaurant. Luckily, it is always much easier to get a reservation on Father's day than it is on Mother's day. Thank goodness for that, because this year the entire family will be there to celebrate. I am thankful to have such a great dad!

Kevin Trudeau Scammer

Since hubby and I loves to learn more we ordered a book from Kevin Trudeau. We saw the paid advertisement hosted by some well-known host on tv. It was only $19.00 plus $12.00 shipping so we anticipated that was it. The customer representative was so pushy and the lady talked so fast to covered up something, but too late hubby already authorized the order without knowing the surcharges of $278.00 plus monthly newsletter subscription. I am so furious and hubby is freakin frustrated. We called the customer service but of course since it is a scam they always have some excuses. To shun from more charges we cancelled our debit card. This people are everywhere...I condemn and despise them...they are totally insane. Again Beware...KEVIN TRUDEAU IS A SCAMMER.......


Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving to a new city

Guest post written by Ellison Markes
Moving to a new city can be an overwhelming experience. No matter how well planned the move is there is always something that is bound to go wrong. I recently moved to Kentucky from Indiana and was unsure about many of the services that I was going to need. I had not planned far enough in advance to have my Clear internet turned on. I decided within the last few days before moving to sign up for satellite internet. This was one of the first services I turned on since
I knew that it would be helpful in my getting acquainted to my new surroundings. I have always used the internet to find new places to eat, get directions and to find shopping centers. I knew that having this service was going to be incredibly important in a new town.
The Internet was hooked up the same day that I was able to move into my new home, which was incredibly helpful and beneficial to me.
I had no clue where anything was located and was very quickly able to find out where the closest stores and gas stations were. I was also able to find directions for people coming to visit me, which helped prevent a headache. I was also able to stay connected through email because of the quick internet connection.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Depression Hurts

Sometimes we say the word depressions and even joke around it. Anyone can be at risk when this hit to anyone of us. When were depressed it seems like anything around us don't matters at all. We lose a lot of confidence, interest and even focus to the people who loves us. Depression hurts and can be so crucial to any one's lives. I read to one of my magazine that antidepressants can virtually increase suicidal thoughts and psychiatric disorders. If you think your depress don't wait so long but see your doctor as soon as possible you can. There are a lot of paths to take when undergoing some depression treatment and one of them is taking antidepressant. Folks the side effects is scary that might take your life to an end. Don't be alone of resolving your depression issues. Get some help and gather yourself again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fight For Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is very rampant today. This is because some company are using this asbestos hazardous substance that could kill millions of workers. Using asbestos is being prohibited for its devastating cause, but still a lot of company is still pursuing to use asbestos. If you think you are violated and feel that you might get mesothelioma cancer, you can now find the best Mesothelioma Lawyer that will fight for your rights.
Opting a Mesothelioma Attorney is a huge help to understand what you are facing. They will justify and answers all your unresolve doubts. Mesothelioma Disease is not a joke. It is deadly illness that could kill millions of people around the globe. We need to act now and fight for this illness. Life is short but we need more awareness. We can be a survivor and even a winner for this kind of battle.

Pyramid by Chariz ft Iyaz

The most talented music artist in the music industry today. Iyaz and charize...they blend they hustle and flow....Its an amazing music master piece that every one loves to hear in the radio. I am proud as a filipino to have this explicit talent that charize has...Keep it up charize and make our country more proud! Great JOb!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Learn To Play Piano

I feel jealous to the kids in school who can play piano amazingly. I thought I am too old to learn to play piano but I was encourage when I read about beginner piano course. They virtually teach and train people to learn how to play. Accordingly no one is too old when learning is involve. Every one can learn piano easily with their quick, easy and cost effective program. I can't wait to tell my husband about this explicit hobby that I want to venture. I just can't believe that a 4 year old in school bet me to play twinkle, twinkle little star. I am working 5 days a week so online training is the perfect piano lesson that I could afford to take. How about you? Do you wanna play piano? Try to check beginner piano course...if you think your old, learning piano suits to all ages.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Houston Auto Repair Today

  • There's a lot of factors why our cars need some repair. In Houston they have the most top leading company that virtually repair our cars in a very cost effective way. They provide the most appropriate and unbiased estimates of our car's disabilities. When it comes to accuracy they are the expert. Houston auto repair provide the most quick and effective remedy to any of our car's dysfunction. This spring and summer humidity from the air & rainfall contributes some problems in our electrical connections and other connected part in our vehicle.
  • They also provide ratings and reviews with some common problems in the car. You can check their question and answer area and weight your verdict. This 1998 Acura Integra has an overall score that you might get interested to see. I remember our last car that requires frequent oil change and tune up before we bought a new one. When our car is asking for oil change our oil filter surely absorb a lot of unpleasant deposits. Oil change helps to lubricates and remove heat from internal engine. For more information please visit their website and you will find a lot of things to learn about car repair. Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sinus Infection

I thought I had pulmonary infection or even ashma. I was so anxious until I found out that it was a sinus infection. What is sinusitis? It refers to the inflammation of the sinuses and the nasal passages. It can cause headache, pressure in our eyes and even a hacking cough. Sinusitis can be treated but it can be trigger again with some unexpected allergies. I am getting better now and I am not coughing anymore.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ways to Save Energy

  • Do you wanna save some energy this spring? Well most of us want to save some. Most of us has its own way to conserve our energy but the most effective guide that works to millions of house hold is here for us. Every time we save some energy we also save some money. A very innovative technology from hohms company will help us to lower down our energy consumption. Their Energy saving consumption tips is just so practical and economical to follow.
  • Our home appliances like computers, television, wash and dryer etc. increases our energy bills specially if we don't know how to use it wisely. Me myself want to minimize my energy usage and start saving. Do you know that by cleaning your dryer lint trap every after washing help the clothes dry fast? And if we configured our computer it can also lower the energy consumption? Yes those are just couple of tips and if we do all of them geese we could save up like triple of hundreds a year.
  • When we save some energy we also help our mother nature to be conserve. As we all the that the primary source of energy is from the water. Let's promote home energy conservation and live a happy and wise living. Using Hohm as our guide is a huge advantage specially in saving energy and money. They have some home energy-saving recommendations that are so effective to follow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jhon 3:16

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" I remember that this verse was put in a song. When Pope John Paul 11 went to Manila Philippines way back year 1995. I was like 15 years old that time, wishing to go to manila to see the Pope. Since then this verse was been a phenomenal and always remembered and sang by everyone.
"for God so loved the world, he give us his only son. Jesus Christ our savior His most precious one"

Friday, January 29, 2010

Golden Rule

Feel guilty today I contributed something that is not that pleasant and yet rewarding to my friend. A friend asked me to translate what she feels in English. Somebody undermine her capacity, yes shes not that smart but shes a good comrade. SO I helped her out.

Have you ever met someone that always think shes better than everyone? Well everyone has its own personality. We have solitary personality, and that makes us very special. Some people think they are smart because they know English so well or maybe they are prettier compare to others.

I just stirred up one's ego today and they felt defeated. Well as the ultimate golden rules that says....Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. or don't do unto others if you don't want others do unto you.

If we have enough knowledge and wisdom lets not use them to judge people. Let's be fair and be gentle to everyone. At the bottom line only God has the right to do judgment.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Don't Like Stress

During childhood, fun is so easy to achieve. Playing with our playmates was very rewarding. But then when we get to adulthood, having fun becomes a choice. Common lines like oh! I have so much thing to do than having fun. So busy with my work etc... But having fun is very essential to our life. We need to have a balance lifestyle or else we will be stress out. I don't like stress that's why am trying to avoid issue's in life that stress me. Remember its a matter of choice!

To stave off stress we need to have sometime for ourselves. To get connected with our friends and family and have some moment with them, will be very refreshing. Going to the mall once in a while or spend some time to feel beautiful with our husband's is a good thing too. Most women forget to feel pretty and forget to have fun. Often times they are exhausted with the household chores and taking care of kids.

There's a lot of stress relieving activities today. Going to the lake to fish and camping is very vital because it's another way to appreciate and get connected to the beauty of nature. Life is beautiful let's enjoy life with healthy activities that we enjoy. Life is simple to live we just need to be balance emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, financially and mentally.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


High Blood pressure can hit to any ages, they have no exemptions. First let us determine what is high blood pressure. Hypertension is another term of high blood pressure, it occurs when our blood vessels moves through our arteries at higher pressure than normal pressure.

High blood pressure can be diagnose by placing blood pressure cuff around our arms, inflating the cuff and listening for the blood flow. There's a lot of factors why we get hypertension. If you happen to have hypertension you need to see your Dr .often. There's a lot of risk that hypertension will bring such as stroke, kidney failure, heart disease and heart attack. It can be treated by changing your lifestyle to help reduce your blood pressure.

The lifestyle that you need to change if you happen to be like this following:
1. If you happen to drink alcohol, caffeine intake like coffee, and soda---you need to minimize or even stop drinking those..Water is the safest liquid to drink.

2. If you happen to smoke cigarettes---stop smoking

3. If you happen to be overweight----start exercising and losing weight

4. If you happen to love sweets, fatty foods----replace it with healthy diet such as vegetables and fruits.

5. If you happen to get stress always------change it and find some time to relax

If hypertension is severe seeing a Dr. and proper medication is a must.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Go To Lumineers and Have a White and Healthy Teeth

There's are a lot of factors why people see their dentist for help. Frequent dental problems such as rotten teeth or different kind of tooth decay was been a common complaints. Our teeth carries different nature structure.

Today with the help of Lumineers our teeth will go healthy, white and natural. Lumineers is not like any other traditional veeners why? Because Lumineers is painless with no drilling of your tooth structure. When our teeth is getting old, we require to have a dental care to observed hidden cavities and unpleasant structures.

All I thought at first that lumineers is just the same as traditional dental veneers but I was wrong. Traditional Dental veneers involved painful shots and very time consuming. Their procedure is kinda hard and not as easy as lumineers. With lumineers your teeth will be perfectly transform and beautifully restored.

Their new innovative technology called LUMITray that only takes 2 quick visit to your dentist. Why? because instead of putting your veneers individually, with lumitray technology they will put your veeners at one time. Today lumineers is the top leading cosmetic dentistry that are design to help us have healthy teeth ever. Looking for a perfect smile in you? Then start your inquiry now and rest assured you will have painless, white teeth and permanent white smile.

Party Crasher

I saw the movie wedding crasher dramatically played with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. It was hilarious and a good realistic movie indeed. Whatever kind of ethnicity of the party, this two partners can always made up a story relatively and always get the chance to be the part of the high lights.

Today I have read the news about the 3rd uninvited guest to a delicate white house dinner. The secret service reviewed the guest list and surprisingly they was confused how this couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi got into the dinning table.

Before you can get through inside, you need to passed the security check but the officials discovered that this people made it through without an invitation. Because of this breach their secret officers service was been put to administrative provision. With all the terrorist attacked and threats white house is alarmed. I never been a party crasher but I think this is very embarrassing and unethical.