Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Spirit

So again I talked to some of the missionaries. My friend at the job invited me for dinner last night and I had fun. I feel very welcomed and blessed. This people that I knew recently are not perfect and not saying they are right but they are helping me to understand about the beginning of our faith. How does it happen and who are those people who was bestowed to share the message. I agreed with them that every time we relay a message to someone most of the time the message will never be the same.
For two years I feel like am lost though I prayed every night. I just feel like lost because I did not find a church to go to. I feel like I questioned my own spiritual devotion. But because of this genuine friends I have found some answers that I have been looking for. They help me to understand and it becomes my wisdom to keep and share for my love ones.
I am looking forward to be more spiritually incline and learn more about God. I can feel the good spirit in me and I am so proud of myself to find it. God loves me!

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