Monday, November 30, 2009

Lets Ride with Car Connection

A revolutionary review of cars is connecting us from classic to modern. Every cars has unique suits from interior and exterior entourage. Getting cars require enough knowledge and resources that's why the car connection company is here to provide the latest innovation of cars that you have never seen before. From sedans, suvs, vans, jeep trucks and a lot of redesigned cars are thoroughly provided. Overall assessment and reviewing cars is essential to find the best one.

The latest innovation of 2009 mini cooper is sizzling with incredible makeover inside. It was redesign to come up with an extra mini power that every one will adore to have. The engine capacity that carries standard strength of 1.6-liter four-cylinder and 120 horsepower. The fuel consumption is economical and that's a plus to consider. I like this car its definitely mini but with extra power. Acura is also delivering a revolutionary make over and the design is powerful. The line up assembled of stunning 2009 acura TSX, 2009 Acura RL, MDX, and TL is sumptuous. The style is simple inside and out but it delivers one top sales success.

The luxurious over all of 2010 mercedez benz m-class is playing a very outrageous performance. From its remarkable dimensions including exterior, interior and cargo area. From the economical fuel that runs in a heart bet of mileage. For more astounding cars performance like nissan, datsun and yokohama visit wiki cars. You will find how this cars evolved and originated from the year it was built. Moreover get online quote to Geico and esurance, they are trusted insurance company that give you more comparable quality cars and some savings. So visit now more amazing surprises are waiting for you!!!!

Farm Town with Mom's help

This is my farm looks like now...I can not attend to plant anymore because of my other priorities so mom Anne take over. There was no house, plants and money but now men its way different. I have lots of plants now and looks pretty. Playing in farm town is not merely farming but winning some friends across the country. They also have coffee world which mom also work on it. Once in a while I visit my farm town and every time I am always amazed with the new stuff that mom bought to look more resourceful.

Farm town and farm ville become so famous to every one. I really had a lot of fun when I started it but I have more stuff to do so am always running some errand. Thank you mom for taking good care of my farm. Good job and your definitely a good farmer!!!! Happy farm town to every one.

Home Security System for Emergencies

Emergencies occurred in different forms and calls such as burglary, fire incidents, nature disaster's, and many more. To whom or where do we call for help? Most of the time we applied our own basic knowledge to save our selves or we call some authorities. But folks a trusted Home Security Systems is here for us to do all the works. As soon as the alarm is activated they will call the authorities in our behalf. Adt Home Security monitoring start evolving since 1874 so that is 130 years in service for protecting million of household and other properties.

What makes adt Home Security became the top leading company here in the states of America?
a. Price- they are the cheapest company and your insurance could cover with them
b. Technology- they are revolutionary when it comes to their innovation from wireless to 4 interconnected monitoring centers 24/7 monitoring
c. Costumer Service-they provide the best service and quick response, authorities will be at your home for rescue.
d. Experience-they are reliable and trustworthy, for over 130 years they have been faithful of protecting homes and businesses

Adt is running their service across the country but if you are seeking for local promotions, adt is bringing you some special in different states of America. The special promotion is FREE-ADT Monitored Home Security System. Please dial and make your call at number 888.718.5817 and you can avail the 24/7 Home Security Monitoring in own home. Lets have peace on mind and promote security, with adt we can assure the best service that we never been experience before. We are experiencing their service right now and its time for you to be comfortable and secure with adt. Act now!!!

TQG bizniz kit.........FRAUD

When we don't authorized a certain transaction that means its fraud. Fraudulent scheme is very rampant today....they will hit to your account out of the proportion and you will wonder how did they got your information? We always checked our bills online and how much money we got and We was freaking out when we saw bizkit from TQG $99.00......Tell me if this is fair?

We figured out right away to call them because they have some 800 numbers..... but they said no were not going to refund the money and stuff like that...How could this people sleep at night knowing that they just screwed somebody's money. $99 dollars is almost like 4,800 in peso that's a lot of money already. Since they acted smart from us we decided to went to the bank and canceled my debit card because were pretty sure they will hit us again in a different way.

We are trying to claimed for a transaction dispute and crossing my fingers to get a refund. The bank find out that its not authorized transactions but I dunno. Authorized and unauthorized transaction will showed in our bank account and the manager find it unauthorized!!! My bank is trying to get the money back......Before I went to Texas a Filipina girl from California called me, shes 22 years old and promoting some business online. But I said no......After that a strange TQG online bizkit hit us the charge. gosh can't believe it....How did she or they get my personal account??? How did this people make out of this scam.....hitting people's money.....I hope they can't just run off...this kind of scam must be stop!!!!!

Folks you need to be alarmed because this might happen to you too....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Get Your Direct TV Packages

Direct TV is offering a vast of quality packages in this holiday season. Your choice... and it will be given to you and this Direct TV Packages will suffice your satisfaction when it comes to entertainment. This Packages are the following:

1. Premier -Entertainment Package

2. Plus HD DVR- The Ultimate HD Package
3. Plus DVR- For the TV Fun on Go
4.Choice Extra- TV Lovers Package
5. Choice- Basic Entertainment Package
6.Family- Family Entertainment

Evaluate it closely... their packages is suitable to all audiences and that's what we want. Direct TV Offers a variety of show that every one should enjoy. Right now they have special promotion offer online. For $29.99 a month you can actually avail up to 150 digital channels. If your tired of dealing your old provider then switch it can save a lot and you will be given enough entertainment that you deserve.

Direct TV is one of the top leading company today. Their service is exceptional and 100% satisfactory guarantee. They deliver high definition with clear sound and pictures. Hurry up now and avail Direct TV Deals ..This tv provider is ideal to home and business subscriber, when you call now their knowledgeable sales specialist will guide you all the way. They are very good when it comes to customer service, so what are you waiting 866-931-7229 for further information.

Eye Drops

My eyes had some infection couple weeks ago and I did not know how did I get was so painful. The affected area is only at the left side of my eye, it was swollen a little bit. Me and hubby decided to asked the pharmacy lady if she could gave us some recommendation to heal it.

She recommended us this kind of eye drop and as soon as I put some drops in my eye I felt some tingling inside. Folks am telling you that was my ever first time to experience such pain in my eyes. Just as soon as the eye drop flows in the affected area the redness started to clear...

Now I know I have a very sensitive eyes and I need to be careful.......But thanks for this effective eye drops!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Trusted Gold Investment

A new venture of performing our investment plans is here for us. Due to economic scarcity we are very determine to find some trusted ways to make some investment. There are various kind of investment and top of them is gold investment. As we all know that gold do not depreciate but increase its value. Most of the time we found this precious gold in some of our jewelries and we are aware enough that it carries some amount of value depending on its quality.

I found a prominent collection of gold in gold coins gain that buys and sells gold coin. They are very knowledgeable of providing you enough information and strategies on how to invest and preserve your wealth if you have any. The newest gold performance in our future profitability is gold can now be place or invest in our IRA, 401k, 403b and any other pension plans. Yes you hear me right and this will extremely save us form debt and financial uncertainty's. They have wide variety of gold coin and am telling you their gold is certified so no worry of some fake ones. Gold coins gain functioned a very exceptional performance. They have thorough screening of their people before they accept them as a member of the team, now rest assured they have trusted skills and ability.

They also have variety of gold bullion coins, their quality is most considered in mass rather than in value. One that I want to get is the gold American buffalo coin with first class 24 karat solid gold bullion. Remember gold performance and value increases each year so its really a good thought to start investing now. Preserving and investing this precious yellow metallic element can bring us to financial stability. Please visit gold coins gain now and you will surely gain and profit.


This is hubs hat collections, he got more of these but I he give it away to some of his friends. He love collecting hats and he told me he will start getting more when he get time to shop. I was planning to get him more, he don't asked expensive one's as long as he like it.... that would be fine to him.

Hats is essential to him because he has no hair he shaved it every other day lol. Anyhow Happy thanksgiving to all!!!!! Look at me am still here in my plans to go out but just stay turkey and pies lol.

Thanksgiving is not complete without turkey here in the States, same as thanksgiving, birthdays and special occasions is not complete without lechon or roasted pig in the Philippines. Wow...... Now I miss home so much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Deals of Direct TV

I love watching movies and i am proud to share that our entertainment provider delivers the newest quality movies and that is Direct TV. Sometimes we got tired of going to the movie theater and we just bought movies under HD or even just enjoyed the free movie ones. This holiday season DirectTV has an online special offers, for $29.99 a month you can now eventually enjoy the hundreds of channels but in a less amount of payment. When we buy and subscribe a certain product we always consider the quality and the services. With this company you don't need to worry because they are 100% satisfactory guarantee.

Compare to other cable provider, Directv is the most dependable provider when it comes to signal and connection. They rest assured that the digital sound and pictures is pellucid in our naked eye. I am very anxious when it comes to my satisfaction but I would say that direct tv merely suffice my entertainment. If you are looking for a thorough entertainment please subscribe to direct tv. Do not hesitate to ask questions to their sales representatives or customers service, because they are very knowledgeable of giving you the accurate information that you ought to know.

If you are not happy with your old entertainment provider then switch now, great deals are waiting for you. To individual who dearly love sports... special NFL Sunday ticket is good for you then. You can actually follow your favorite stars anytime of the season you want . Call now at 888-401-4351 for more information, they are willing to answer 24/7 just for you. Both business and home inquiries are being provided so act now to avail the special deals and offers.

Movie Collections

I love movies like hubby but i don't like going to the theater but just buy some movies instead. I start collecting when i get here in the states. Some of them was not been returned from hubs friends. I will surely remind him later. The movies that I got are all in English but I might collect some quality Filipino movies too if I found some in the store.

New moon is out already and I told hubby if we could just buy DVD of new moon and not waste our time going to the theater, that way anytime we want to watch it again.... we could able too since we own it. We might watch new moon to the theater because hubby already have some theater gift card. Well i will still get my new moon dvd though....

Do you like going to the movie theater or prefer to stay home and buy some dvd movie and serve as a dvd movie collection?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lavish Collection of baby clothes, toys and books

I have two grand kids that are utterly amazing and endearing. Kids like them deserve to have adorable stuff too and am really starting to look what sort of stuff should i gave them this Christmas. This store that I found is not only for kids but it is ideals to women, man and kids in other words this is for everybody's store. They have wide variety of merchandise from baby clothes, toys, books and other accessories.

One famous baby toy that they have is what they called jellycat and one of jellycat's collection is bashful cream bunny with her long floppy ear's.
I like this one because it symbolizes the value of friendship. Its very perfect to our little fellow to cuddle and hug with because its soft and light to carry. I am also enchanted with their barefoot dreams collection that features lavish kind of blankets, robes and throws for infants and kids. There products is not easy to shrink but will remain soft like forever. This barefoot dreams cozychic toddler hoodie will be perfect for my 4 year old grand daughter Althea.

Appaman is one of their top brand that was influenced from the designers friend. One of appaman's collection is vintage black football jersey that is 100% cotton. They also have books and Eco friendly doll house that is perfect for your princesses. I am delighted to find this store and am sharing it to you folks. Check it out!