Friday, February 3, 2012

Searching for Savings

Thanks to Lemuel Craft
In these tough economic times we all need to be a little bit more creative about how we save money. Three years ago my husband and I both had full-time jobs and were able to live a pretty comfortable life. One day everything changed when I was laid off from my job with no notice or severance package. We would have liked to sell our home and move into a smaller place, but since the housing market was so lousy, that wasn’t an option. We would have had to take a hugeloss that we couldn’t afford.
We had heard from a friend here in Texas that we could get a better electricity rate so we started looking for electric companyrates. We also downsized our cable and internet packages and I started clipping coupons for groceries. I never thought I’d be able to save so much money clipping coupons but that has been huge. We know we’ll get through these tough times and that things will get better. We just need to stick together as a family and give each other the support we need.

Snow Storm Colorado

We closed the center early today. Only few workers and children were able to came to work due to the bad weather. One of the worker in the other center was running off the road and good thing she was safe and was able to stop eventually without hitting any car. It is very nasty outside and good thing hubby put the car in the garage. He didn't need to shovel and clean our car when he goes to work tonight. I am glad I got off early today and got a chance to clean our house, work my other errands and rest but I guess tonight we still need to go to the party of our friends house. We need to cancel the baby shower tomorrow because of the weather. I guess this is one of the worst snow storm I experience since I live here in Colorado. The weather here in the states is just so extreme that it is very hard to control. The snow outside is pretty but not safe to drive.