Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things that matters

Lately i have been getting ready myself to face another stimulating journey in my life. I met different kinds of people with various character and beliefs. Again it was proven that you can not pleased everyone, you might did good enough but for them its never been enough. Learning is unending process and you need to learn for you to earn.

This morning my father in law emailed me some important values to ponder, and i could use this as my vigor armor to battle one day. There are three things in life that should never lose and that is hope, peace, and honesty; this should be keep especially in times of struggling. There are three things in life that once gone it will never come back and this are time, words, opportunity; for this things can not be rewind or anew. When time was spent,or words are spoken and opportunity was slipped it will never be the same again.

There are things that can ravage a person and this are anger, pride and un forgiveness. When anger and pride embraces us forgiveness has no place and if this will rule in our hearts it will destroy us with in. If there are things that can destroy us there are also things that can make as a person and this are commitment, sincerity and hard work. This will describe our personality as a genuine individual. If some things makes us a good person there are reasons for it and that is our most valuable things that matters to us and this are love towards our family and friends.

We hope fortune, we work to achieve success and we dream more and this are the things that never been certain. Sometimes we gain fortune in a very unexpected way, sometimes we do not achieve success though we work hard and excrete more sweat and sometimes dreams remain as a dream and fantasy. But to all of this the only things that matter so much and will truly remain constant is God, the father, the son and the holy spirit. That at the end of this journey we all submit this borrowed life to the one who created us.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Mirror

My Husband and Me

I have been looking to my self in a mirror reflecting deeply with in. As I fathom my inner side i saw a woman with a lot of questions. Some uncertainty's that only me could attain to answer. I honed and try to yearn something but yet seem so hard and out of reach. But recently my husband showed me some reasonable confidence to reach it. A helping hand giving me the certainty of my dreams, he is a simple man who work very hard for us. A man with vivid ideas that by any means of circumstances he will always find a way to carry through. He merely imparted his courage to be dauntless of facing fears and that fueled me to pursue & thrived hard. He taught me how to make a scheme and come up with a plan a, b, and c that if the other do not work there will be another plan to back it up. We are not perfect couple but i would say i found a man with vigor, who will always pick me up when i screwed up.

My Family

I miss my mother so much, a mom who give me unconditional love who weep with me if i'm hurt, who chuckled with me when am happy. A mother who intensely bring me to this world even if she was almost haft dead. I barely uttered and say i love her but down deep inside she is my hero.

I miss my father i lost him when i was 12, a strong man with resources. A noble farmer who raised us all with values and self worth. I wish i had more chance to spend time with him but as far as a i recall i was her princess.

My siblings are my friends, they are my allies. No one could break my wall as long as they are around me. We succor and provide to each other, we live we love we fight.

My In laws... they are my extended family they accept me without apprehensions. They profoundly embraced me with love &, understanding.

My friends...aside from our family we survive with our chosen friends. I got few and learned from them, some shared moments that brings us closer and build love, respect and care.

Enemies........noooo maybe some strangers i do not claimed to have foes. For hostility is not my focus.

My Faith

As you notice God is in the last part... but God is not the last thing to me because to all the people i mention above those will not exist without his blessings for I am nothing without him

Now i would say my mirror is pellucid... free from darkness yes it is fragile but i would give my life to protect it........ with them i could reach & seize the unreachable.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Who among us has no pride? Most of the time we tend to miss use this word, we become proud and habituate it in our conduct.Being superior and act like in a high inordinate limits is pride. Pride should be use to boast our self esteem, self reliance and flourish ones personality. But what happen to other people? They tried to dignify themselves by their certain positions like the amount of money they have & nice stuff they got etc. and very proud.

Some of us are all blinded of the earthly stuff and set aside what really matters more. I learned that if you want other people think well of you do not speak well about yourself and do not be so proud. Wait until they will notice you its more delighting when they like you of who you are and not what you got. I use my pride to become a better person, to accomplish something and say i did it, it is my strength mechanism to thrive hard and someday to share it to my kids.