Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scrubs For Infant Teachers

Working in a preschool is pretty exciting specially in the infant class room. I usually worked with preschooler kids but recently I had been assigned to work with infants atleast twice a week. They are so cute and lovely. The teachers has different activities for them. They have gym time, music and piano, play ground and many more. Infants will drooled and barf anytime and sometimes they have some blow-ups that messed their clothes. The school required the teachers to wear scrub uniforms. This is to keep their clothes free from those funny messed...
I had a chance to wear their uniform scrubs and it is very comfy.Since the infant teachers are all women I check some scrub for women online. I have across blue sky scrubs that provide wide variety of scrubs such as medical scrubs, surgical scrubs and other accessories. They provide the finest and most fashionable scrubs today. They are very creative with their hat scrubs with their most quality materials.
The most awaiting scrubs that is coming soon is this what they called the lab coats for women. This womens scrubs are designed to invite people to wear and be comfortable enough while they are working in their field. Their style and design are just so captivating to wear. This is very essential for nurses, doctors and beyond. Check it out folks. Tomorrow I will tell my school about it. I think they need more scrubs for their infant and first steps teachers.

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JENIE=) said...

i love wearing our scrub suits when i was still working in the hospital...very comfy!

nice to be back here...hope you visit back.