Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Specialty Merchandise Corporations

Do you want to generate more income online? Putting up a business online requires definite knowledge and tactics. Everyone is coming online and trying to rely all of their transactions in the Internet. I could still remember how slow and daunting it was before without the internet. How traditional it was when we shop, we apply a job, and even when we pay bills.

Geese because of the Internet we can even see and talk to our love ones miles away from us. Lately since my life is hooked in the Internet, I realized to use my expertise. I browsed several company that helps and provide building up my online business and I found SMC...what is smc? It is a specialty merchandise corporations.

I thoroughly read the company's services and how it works. I must admit I am pretty impressed. First I read about how they work read specialty merchandise corporation complaints and misunderstandings. Finding the right company don't count to the good insights only but we need to consider the flaws. This smc corp specialty merchandise corporation just as good to be true. They are authentic and not a scam. For more information's about specialty merchandise corporation just visit their website.

Nuclear Power Plant

Everyone who have some concerns about what is going on today is woried especially the issue about the nuclear plant in Japan. Some seems don't care and I could say I was one of them. First because I don't have enough knowledge about nuclear plant. One of our worker in our cleaning business share his knowledge and I was stunned and realize, geese! its very scary.

Nuclear plants are technically invented to produce electricity. Through this plants a certain country will have enough supply of electricity and generate it anytime they want. But there are random side effects and it is deadly when this nuclear plants will explode or if not use wisely.

I found the most accurate definition of nuclear plants and this represents aa electrical power, produced from controlled non-explosives nuclear reactions. Using of nuclear power plant was been a huge debate to the many because of its side effects. It will cause skin cancer and other threats to people and the environment.

Former late president Marcos tried to put up a nuclear plant in the philippines but fortunately, the pros win and it was stop. Geese now Japan is facing a deadly threat and it will affect not only to them but to the whole world.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Restaurant Supply

My hubby was been a chef cook for more than a two decades. His passion of cooking is very admirable that supported his love ones. He is planning to build his own restaurants and right now he is saving up some money. Running a restaurant business is not an easy task to do. It requires proper planning and knowledge about the restaurant business.
Since I want to help him. I was wondering if I could start browsing some kitchen supplies and buy the equipments and I could just rent a storage for it. I don't want him to know because I will do it as a surprise for him. I am the best when it come to my search. I have unique techniques to determine which store or company that is reliable with good quality products.
With my effort and determination to find the right store for kitchen equipments or restaurant supply, I found tiger chef store that is very outstanding of providing extensive products and services. Yes I am so lucky to find this online restaurant supply. I just made my order for my first set of refrigeration and freezer and I can't wait to have them soon. My storage is ready and I am anxious to see how I will gather everything that my hubby needs on his future restaurant.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grandpa Lewis

Guest post written by my buddy Judy Guerrero

Ray Lewis is certainly a motivator for his NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens. Who doesn't like to hear grandpa's stories of how he fought in the war? Lewis can be seen on the sidelines rallying the fans and his teammates, hoping to grab a point or two to put on the board during the game. I don't fault the Baltimore fans for being kind to the old man. He really was a great player. It's nice to see the Ravens franchise still allows him to suit up and be a cheerleader for the team.

Is it obvious I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan? I didn't want to come across as too loyal to the good old “Black & Gold.” It's fun to see old Ray huffing and puffing and spitting like Coach Cowher used to on the sidelines, but Ray Lewis is a linebacker for the Ravens. Those hair products for men that are advertised during commercial breaks from the games must really work. It seems they really do wash away the gray.

The Steelers are matched up against the Ravens in a playoff game that will decide whether or not the team will go on to the next playoff game or not. It is a do or die situation. We have everything ready to go to watch the game in HD (high definition) on satellite TV from . I sure hope Grandpa Ray is ready to go.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cotton Scrubs From Blue Sky

I believe that one reason of using uniforms in our jobs is to promote professionalism and identification purposes. I work in the preschool and in our infants and first step classrooms, our lead teachers or anyone who will be assigned on that particular rooms will wear scrubs. But we commonly see scrubs in the medical field.

I check one of their related products and most of the time my hair gets on my way while working. I found the pony scrub hat. Geese it is sleek and amazing. The good thing of blue sky is that all of their products is made of
all cotton scrubs. They are comfy and will last longer in use.

Some people are particular in color and I see that blue sky has this
burnt orange scrubs so I guess if your favorite color is orange then this is a perfect scrubs for you. As I said in my previous article that I have some cousins that work in the hospital and some of them in the nursing homes. Several time I ordered nursing uniforms for them and they just thought am so amazing of doing it for them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Off With Errands

I am trying to thaw my chicken for tomorrow. I need to make a chicken adobo requested by some of my genuine friends. I am off tommorrow and am just ecstatic to see them again. I have been working hard both on my preschool job and managing our cleaning business.
Tonight we will go to one of our account and clean it. We will only do some small stuff and bring one of my husbands employee. His very good and easy to catch up. If everything will grow soon, he will be our main guy.
Yesterday hubby was so happy that our two accounts has outstanding remarks. We did a very good job and we are getting more clients soon. Geese God is so good. But hubby told me that we need to save more and more because if there is sunshine there is also some rainy days.
So proud of hubby he just so amazing...of handling our business wisely! But anyhow we will have fun again tomorrow with friends...Banquet of Filipino food will be in the table again. Oh I almost forget we are filling our 2010 taxes...Hmm I wish we are getting some money...crossing my fingers! lol A day off with errands indeed!