Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scrubs For Infant Teachers

Working in a preschool is pretty exciting specially in the infant class room. I usually worked with preschooler kids but recently I had been assigned to work with infants atleast twice a week. They are so cute and lovely. The teachers has different activities for them. They have gym time, music and piano, play ground and many more. Infants will drooled and barf anytime and sometimes they have some blow-ups that messed their clothes. The school required the teachers to wear scrub uniforms. This is to keep their clothes free from those funny messed...
I had a chance to wear their uniform scrubs and it is very comfy.Since the infant teachers are all women I check some scrub for women online. I have across blue sky scrubs that provide wide variety of scrubs such as medical scrubs, surgical scrubs and other accessories. They provide the finest and most fashionable scrubs today. They are very creative with their hat scrubs with their most quality materials.
The most awaiting scrubs that is coming soon is this what they called the lab coats for women. This womens scrubs are designed to invite people to wear and be comfortable enough while they are working in their field. Their style and design are just so captivating to wear. This is very essential for nurses, doctors and beyond. Check it out folks. Tomorrow I will tell my school about it. I think they need more scrubs for their infant and first steps teachers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

With Repairpal Our Auto repair will be easy

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They are well-experienced enough to tackle the job easily. Like Colorado, other states like California, Illinois, Chicago and more also experience the four exciting seasons that obviously affects to our cars aircondition and to our climate control system. Acquiring their service will assured us that the said problems will be resolve. They have this very current reviews about 2002 Toyota Corolla with the unbiased reviews, ratings and common problems that was been repaired like brand new.
Aside from breaks replacement problem the other common problem in our car specially during summer is water pump replacement. The water pump is very essential to keep our cooling system run smoothly. We need to be wise of choosing the right auto repair or else we will spend more and just waste our money. Check Repair pal now!

Happy Fiesta August 27-28

Its August 27, 2010 in the Philippines and of course its our hometown fiesta. As far as I know the said cities that commemorates fiesta are Cagayan de oro city, Valencia and of course my own beloved home town Old Damulog. In our family we celebrate fiesta every year with several reasons. First is we serve this as our thanks giving for giving us good harvest when my father still used to run a farm, we dedicated it to our own patron Saint Augustin and of course to God. Fiesta is commonly hosted by our own Catholic church. There's always a procession followed with a church mass. People go to church and give thanks to God. Any member of the family whose not at home will try to come home and celebrate the said celebration. There's a feast of food in every house that offers everyone to eat. There are some sports activities and a traditional coronation night with some selected beautiful ladies. Everyone is being united on this festival. I miss my home a lot and I can't wait to be home again and spend quality with my family. Happy Fiesta everyone!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oasis Healthy Shares

Our natural resources succors us a lot to modify our lifestyle. They said taking some good medicine and other vitamins can change our life twice. First from the illness that we are suffering in and second from the medicine that gives our strength and health back. Have you heard about Oregano Oil from oasis advance wellness? Folks they are providing high-tech natural solution that is essential to our everyday survival. Diabetes is one of the toll that is stopping every ones health to be well. It becomes an epidemic here in America. It is ruining one's life but with the help of Dr. Lanphier we can now talk to her and consult our health problems.
I learned that there are six kinds of healthy oil that our diet needs aside from oregano oil. We all know that fats has been lingering its bad effects for many years. But our body needs certain amount of oil in order to function well. This oil will serves as an antioxidants and a great source of essential fatty acids. So the following oil that our body needs includes organic hemp seed oil, macadamia nut oil, tea seed oil, tea seed oil, extra virgin oil and other healthy essential oil.
A recent product that they are introducing today is this what they called Bio D-Mulsion with vitamin D-3. This vitamin D is the micro-emulsified to enhance absorption meaning to disperse into an emulsion. This vitamins is essential to our bones mineralization or skeletal development. They are rich in calcium that our body needs to have. My sister and my mom has weak bones and I am planning to get one of this. With this vitamins they can have enough calcium absorption.


Common antibiotics that I know is penicillin or streptomycin. What are antibiotics for or where they derived from? Antibiotics are being used to prevent any kind of infection from spreading or getting severe. This substance derived from certain bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that will fight for other microorganisms that is growing in our system and usually get us sick. I am taking some certain antibiotics right now to cure my sinus infection. My immune system is not immune enough to any bacteria that goes around at my job. Accordingly its takes a year for you to get immune with all of those bacteria when you work at preschool or at the health care. I am bothered of getting sick every 3 months and its keeping me running a lot of errands. I cant rely forever with antibiotics It might not work in my system one day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Facts About Mesothelioma

Everyone needs an inspiration specially when we are physically unhealthy and ill. Some believes in miracle and some don't. Cancer is the most crucial illness that when it hit to someones health it is hard for them to recover and survive. One of the most special someone in our family passed away because of cancer. We morn until now but we keep going and get strength from each member of the family. Not all will die with cancer, many people are the living proof that cancer can be cured. One of the living proof that I was so amazed of his story is a survivor from Sydney Australia. He is Mr. Paul Kraus. He was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Disease and given some months to survive.
Therefor his cancer is metastatic already. Mr. Kruas did not lose hope but he uses his resources to fought this deadly illness that almost killed himself. He succeeded and he wrote a book to share it to everyone. Most of us are unaware that getting exposed to asbestos substance can destroy the most important cells in our lungs that cause mesothelioma. Some company are using this substance and if you are working on that company rest assured that you will be infected on its badly effects. Good news because we can face the battle with our design Mesothelioma Lawyer and Mesothelioma Attorney. They came up with this law to protect and give justice to people who are exposed on this deadly substance. If your one of them who work with asbestos substance then make your first quickest move. Get cured and get justified!
My mom is in the hospital right now and her sugar level is high. I have been asking my sister to find some diet meal that is appropriate for her situation. My mom is already 70 years old and it is pretty hard to monitor everything that she has right now. So the only last recourse is to confined her in the hospital and let the doctor take care and monitored her sugar and cholesterol level.

There are some ways to lower our blood sugar levels and the following are:

  • Food that has high level of carbohydrates can be obtain by eating a lot of rice. And so lowering our rice intake can lessen our sugar level. Mom was been eating oatmeal but since sometimes she overdo eating fruits so that might be the cause. Also food that has high with fiber is also essential in lowering our sugar level. This high fiber food are oatmeal, whole grain bread, dry beans and more.
  • Exercise varies to ages...when your old its not advisable to run but a walk is a good thing. So like my mom shes 70 yrs old she can afford to walk every morning not too far from our house.
  • Having a daily check up in our sugar level is very essential. We cant trust the fact that since we are doing all the healthy habits we are now free from having the high sugar level.
  • Balance your diet and always consider what is healthy for you.