Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oasis Healthy Shares

Our natural resources succors us a lot to modify our lifestyle. They said taking some good medicine and other vitamins can change our life twice. First from the illness that we are suffering in and second from the medicine that gives our strength and health back. Have you heard about Oregano Oil from oasis advance wellness? Folks they are providing high-tech natural solution that is essential to our everyday survival. Diabetes is one of the toll that is stopping every ones health to be well. It becomes an epidemic here in America. It is ruining one's life but with the help of Dr. Lanphier we can now talk to her and consult our health problems.
I learned that there are six kinds of healthy oil that our diet needs aside from oregano oil. We all know that fats has been lingering its bad effects for many years. But our body needs certain amount of oil in order to function well. This oil will serves as an antioxidants and a great source of essential fatty acids. So the following oil that our body needs includes organic hemp seed oil, macadamia nut oil, tea seed oil, tea seed oil, extra virgin oil and other healthy essential oil.
A recent product that they are introducing today is this what they called Bio D-Mulsion with vitamin D-3. This vitamin D is the micro-emulsified to enhance absorption meaning to disperse into an emulsion. This vitamins is essential to our bones mineralization or skeletal development. They are rich in calcium that our body needs to have. My sister and my mom has weak bones and I am planning to get one of this. With this vitamins they can have enough calcium absorption.

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