Monday, November 29, 2010


Common sense and initiatives are essential when we are working. It helps us to establish good performance at the job. Sometimes I guess we just feel lazy that's why even if we know that there's another work to be done, we tried to play blind or act like we don't know.
I am not a whiner I just do what I got to do at the job but recently I notice that some people are not doing there job well and I started to get irritated. They have better time schedules than mine well technically the management trust me more than the other lol thats why my schedule is in a later time... but anyways I hope that the management will notice it and check them out.
I love working and I am not a lazy person. I don't like other people to tell me what to do because I know what is going on. But there are some people who can't cease themselves of playing bossy. Well I put high respect on my supervisors and I respect them when they told me something but to my regular co worker? I dont think so... I guess it is unethical that they play bossy but what ever. Sometimes I get tired but I need to work. I have been driving and I love the freedom and the independence with my car.
Hubby and I are focus on our goals in life and that is to gratify ourselves later. We both believe it that it is better to work hard, do some sacrifices and later on is to gratify our selves and rejoice of the fruitful outcome.
One God can give me more strength and perseverance and I thank Him for that...

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