Saturday, August 21, 2010

My mom is in the hospital right now and her sugar level is high. I have been asking my sister to find some diet meal that is appropriate for her situation. My mom is already 70 years old and it is pretty hard to monitor everything that she has right now. So the only last recourse is to confined her in the hospital and let the doctor take care and monitored her sugar and cholesterol level.

There are some ways to lower our blood sugar levels and the following are:

  • Food that has high level of carbohydrates can be obtain by eating a lot of rice. And so lowering our rice intake can lessen our sugar level. Mom was been eating oatmeal but since sometimes she overdo eating fruits so that might be the cause. Also food that has high with fiber is also essential in lowering our sugar level. This high fiber food are oatmeal, whole grain bread, dry beans and more.
  • Exercise varies to ages...when your old its not advisable to run but a walk is a good thing. So like my mom shes 70 yrs old she can afford to walk every morning not too far from our house.
  • Having a daily check up in our sugar level is very essential. We cant trust the fact that since we are doing all the healthy habits we are now free from having the high sugar level.
  • Balance your diet and always consider what is healthy for you.

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