Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aussie Insurance

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Cry Fish

Two weeks ago we were invited to attend to a cry fish party. I was excited to attend but due to some busy schedules we weren't able to come. I saw the pictures of my friends party and it was so nice and look yummy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrating Father's day

Thanks to my buddy Allen Mcauley for the guest post

Father's day is a special time for me to honor my dad. It's the one day out of the year that my siblings and I spoil him silly. His birthday is a pretty big deal also, but on Father's day, we all go a bit crazy. That's because he is a truly amazing father.

The first step in my quest to shower my dad with gifts is to turn on my laptop. I have a reliable hughesnet internet connection and I am not afraid to use it. In fact, I consider myself an expert online shopper. Why fight traffic and waste gas when I can surf the net instead?

Within a half hour, I had selected a bunch of great gifts sure to make my father happy. With my father's sense of humor in mind, I decided to throw a few choice gag gifts into the mix. Between myself and my two sisters, he would soon be up to his chin is merchandise.

I also ordered the perfect cake from a local bakery, and made a reservation using the hughs netinternet at my dad's favorite restaurant. Luckily, it is always much easier to get a reservation on Father's day than it is on Mother's day. Thank goodness for that, because this year the entire family will be there to celebrate. I am thankful to have such a great dad!

Kevin Trudeau Scammer

Since hubby and I loves to learn more we ordered a book from Kevin Trudeau. We saw the paid advertisement hosted by some well-known host on tv. It was only $19.00 plus $12.00 shipping so we anticipated that was it. The customer representative was so pushy and the lady talked so fast to covered up something, but too late hubby already authorized the order without knowing the surcharges of $278.00 plus monthly newsletter subscription. I am so furious and hubby is freakin frustrated. We called the customer service but of course since it is a scam they always have some excuses. To shun from more charges we cancelled our debit card. This people are everywhere...I condemn and despise them...they are totally insane. Again Beware...KEVIN TRUDEAU IS A SCAMMER.......


Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving to a new city

Guest post written by Ellison Markes
Moving to a new city can be an overwhelming experience. No matter how well planned the move is there is always something that is bound to go wrong. I recently moved to Kentucky from Indiana and was unsure about many of the services that I was going to need. I had not planned far enough in advance to have my Clear internet turned on. I decided within the last few days before moving to sign up for satellite internet. This was one of the first services I turned on since
I knew that it would be helpful in my getting acquainted to my new surroundings. I have always used the internet to find new places to eat, get directions and to find shopping centers. I knew that having this service was going to be incredibly important in a new town.
The Internet was hooked up the same day that I was able to move into my new home, which was incredibly helpful and beneficial to me.
I had no clue where anything was located and was very quickly able to find out where the closest stores and gas stations were. I was also able to find directions for people coming to visit me, which helped prevent a headache. I was also able to stay connected through email because of the quick internet connection.