Sunday, November 7, 2010

My faith

Most of the time people are more focus on their religion and get astray the true essence why we go to church. As a broad minded individual I came to realize that religion affects a lot why people needs to have loyalty to where they believe is true. Every church has a gospel to believe and several teachings that differs to the others. For over two years of staying here in the states, I have been trying to look for a church to go to.
A church that will accept me and give me more explanations about spiritual aspects. Religion are set of beliefs concerning on the creation of nature, humanity and the universe. Each religion follows what they believe and certain spiritual gospel. Fortunately I found a church that I think will give me more wisdom to understand spiritually. Faith is not all about believing but learning about the teaching of God.
I feel the spirit today and I was so happy. I want to gain more wisdom and be grateful everyday. I want to see each miracles that God give me despite of my imperfection... Right now am looking forward to be more knowledgeable about the message of heavenly father, Jesus Christ and the holy ghost...

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