Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are benefits are earn or given

They said we human kind are the highest level in the animal kingdom, we comprehend before we speak up, we perceive before we put it in actions and we briefly respond according to what we supposed to behave, and our hearts and mind are merely linked coherently even our soul.... in other words we are lucky enough to be civilized and has the chance to pick our choices in a way of manner.

This image i got right here is a representation of love and care, the chimpanzee and orangutan who dearly show each others comfort. If chimpanzee and orangutan knows how to comfort each other how much we are...regardless of the shortcomings that we caused to each other but sometimes its too old to handle over and over again and too much work to comfort and nothing was valued, learn, earn or given. Sometimes we are fed up of listening and even comforting and don't care anymore... well we are all given certain struggles to realize that we are really human and not apes because we have this intellect & has the ability to find some remedy towards the problem... if we are only like chimpanzee and orangutan and just hang ourselves in the tree and sway...not suicide ok....

Questions for today? Are benefits are earned or given? some people give up and stay low and even stay disable to earned some benefits in any way they want to play pathetic and wretchedly poor to avail food stamps and free money for instance unless its really necessary like to those who are really has disabilities... Sometimes even in friendship some people take advantage and will like to be around with people with good benefits that when they are in trouble they have somebody to come too and could get some help

Benefits should be given to people who work hard, steadfast & persevere and not earn by people who are lazy, it makes so way biased to people who work harder. Its a good merit to earn and achieve the benefits if we excrete it from our own sweet and not just given easily. Being poor should not be used to take advantage and go more lazy but a challenge and make strenuous efforts towards a certain goal for the the success.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stupid Love! Save it or Leave it!

My Second BLog AWarDs

Thanks Faye for this wonderful award......

I would like to share this to all steadfast readers and critic i appreciate how much you spent time reading my article all of you in my friends list this is for you can grab this award and share it to anyone you like...

How did u know if enough is enough? How can we fix stupidity or is it stupid to love more even if it blows down your self esteem, tear your heart into pieces and even kill you slowly inside???. Is it stupid to stay or timid to leave? Sometimes things need to go wrong to appreciate and determine what is right.

Lately i was attentively listening to some sentiments towards various situation... they are in hopeless grief but love is holding them to stay even if they knew its more than enough. The hardest thing in loving someone is to see them loving someone else, to feel emptiness and cold... that even when your close it seems like she/he is unreachable. What if someone will say its over.... there is no holding back nor saving the relationship? but you still want to save it? Nothing was left but drain off with so much pain.

What do you prefer to do are you gonna try one more time or move on? Accordingly letting go is healing, let go of your fears, your pain and even your love because if love is mean to be it will always comeback but if not its never bound to be. If someone lost the faith to listen there's no good of talking anymore. If too much abuse is inflicted that's not loving at all nor not even to yourself of allowing such things, once is more than enough yes abuse is in different forms but what ever it is since its an " abuse" that's no way to excuse.

Some people even get suicide because of losing hope but if they can only look back that life is beautiful with unlimited chances to start over and over and over again and those circumstances are just spices to boast your personality. I appreciate this one lady despite of everything she never said she will give up nor die that's inspiring isn't it? She keep hoping that miracle will come to happen and save her marriage...i don't know and no one know, but who knows? maybe? possibly? The couple that used to be inseparable but now was tested by time and so much struggles....

Love is like a plant to nourish it is to pour little bit of everything water, air and little sunshine if not it will die... Too much of something is never been good, we don't need too much but little bit of everything to survive.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Burden is not Forever... defeat it

I spoke to my home girl and am so delighted that everything is fine now and they are planning for their future. Sometimes to love is to get hurt and realize the worth of it. Now goodbye is not forever but a new beginning to thrive and grow vigorously mentally, physically and most of all the relation towards God that no matter what happen God knows whats best for us.

Today am going to share a very good lesson to ponder, handling stress and burdens in our life. My father in law emailed me and a very good thought added to my glass of wisdom. Absolute weights of our burdens do not matter but count on how we hold and carry it. The lady give an instance to a glass of water and she goes " how heavy is this glass of water? the audience said 8oz 10 oz?

That instance show like a burden in our life, if we hold the glass of water in a minute the burden of carrying is not a problem, but if u carry it like an hour your arm will start aching. If you carry it forever the burden will increase and we will not able to carry it anymore and that's the time we give up. The longer your holding and carrying you burdens the heavier it becomes, in life we don't need to carry our burdens all the way but need to rest and refresh take some break pick it up later, have fun so that when you carry the burden again you will have enough strength to carry it on.

Life is an endless struggles but there is always a way to resolve it, its a matter of how you face and handle it. Thought of the day, do not carry your burdens all the way. Take a breath do not think so much. As much as possible do not say final words and try to keep your words soft and sweet to avoid consequence. Life is like a wheel of fortune sometimes were lucky sometimes were not so just take it easy it would never be the end of the world. Life is Fun!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love You Good Bye

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves."
-- 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Today i felt so much hurt when i talked to my home girl stumbled with so much grief and despair. How does it feel to be expecting something for years being led on when you could reroute your life and progress the way you really want to go? Its better to be known what is the real score than making believe of some lies.

What happen if you completely devote yourself to someone for years and after that it was just a sham and one day he will just broke your heart and say goodbye? What if one day your world will tell you "my heart grown cold! but i love you goodbye? what i love you but goodbye? that's insane. My friend said what if refresh means farewell forever? men am so hurt why women suffers more than men?

Millions of heart bleeds because of some promises that never been kept, promises to love and to hold but at the end its just a desperate farewell and tears. A friend who love sincerely and just being played by time and some heartless individual.

As what i said i could not decide because am not on their shoes but maybe they just need sometimes to find themselves and grow. Sometimes we are blinded and can not read between the lines because we tried to be denial of some truth even if we are wounded inside we still try to show a smile and say i am fine.

All i wish to her is to get up and realize and say " i love myself more, i got family to think of and if this love is not mean to be then so be it"!!!! he don't deserve me then. what do u think folks do we need to die and grow old hopelessly because someone leave us behind?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do We Always Recognize a Blessing?

Mathew 7:7,8 " ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will open to you..for every one who ask receives and he who seeks finds and to God who knocks it will be opened"

This verses was given to my elder sister she help me opened my eyes and enlightened my understanding towards God and towards earthly needs and wants. Do we always recognize every little blessings that we have or we are all merely focus on our wishes and big dreams that we are asking for?

Me myself sometimes do not notice the blessings i am sometimes blinded to big things, dreams and accomplishments. Yes God will always provide but He only provides what we deserve! sometimes we ask why? sometimes we compared ourselves to others life, why they have more blessings than me? well as i said God provide what we deserve...

We sometimes forget to ask that's why blessings are not given to us, we forget to seek that's why we did not find nothing and truth are kept behind, we forget to knock that's why no doors of opportunity was not opened.

Lets ask and ask and ask, lets seek and seek and seek and lets knock and knock and knock.... we might find the answer now. Lets consider every small detail of blessings that we receive the air we breath, the chance of life everyday and not just focus to big things. Folks believe me God will always Provide.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Things Dont Come Easy!

Today i feel so blessed and accomplished....Of all the hard work and mounting paper works, i finally obtained the thing that i was waiting for. Good things don't come easy but when it comes oh men its so fulfilling, my hubby always told me good things comes to people who wait and persevere yes its certainly true. yeheyyyy am happy!!! clap clap

Anyways I talked to my niece today and she asked me why can't we skip those failures and errors and indulge things that we want to have? But i let her realize that we need to savor every minute of our life either its a success or failure and don't let time pass us by, those circumstances will shape us to become strong and courageous individual

Life is a one shot opportunity, we cant let the time come backward and go back edit the errors but we can always move forward and do better choices. We are the own director of ones life story no editing no take one and two...

My father in law said to me "even when you travel fast,you miss a lot of the scenery,as with life if you live it to fast you miss a lot of living" by experience haste is never been good but only crush u down make more mistakes

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everything is in purpose

I was running some errand today preparing for my special task tomorrow my "interview" but i did manage it smoothly. I cooked dinner already and do all the stuff before setting myself here in my desk.

Today i spoke to one of my friend back home, she was crying and asking me why her wish and prayers wasn't granted? Shes in hopeless grief asking why? I wish to share to her that not all wishes are granted but sometimes need to be learned before getting it. I wish to tell her that through tribulations, despair and agony is how we gain patience and strength.

She told me if ever she will totally lost this person she rather chose to have cancer and die how pathetic and miserable she is! but i wish to share to her that suffering and pain will bring us to God and appreciate life more... shes really in deep torment... This lady deserve to be happy shes definitely a good person and a friend i feel bad of whats she going through, i wish to tell a lot of things but am not in her shoes to decide. All she wanted is to be with the love of her life shes just madly in love!

The pursuit of happiness requires enough courage & intrepidity... God want us to learn and set example to others by experiencing such dreadful sacrifice. Good things don't come easy but bad things don't last either. We just need to hold and learn to fight and outlive through all the tribulations that we've been going through!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Better to love than lose and never love

I have been trying to influenced my sister to hook someone online and try this marvelous created online dating sites or even try to accept some suitors and go outside to have some fun... I got three sisters over their 40s who are appease of being single, never been married, no kids at all and just enjoying each others company with my mom . My other older sister put her dedication to serve God shes not a nun but she went to a bible school for 4 years and she gain my respect. I have hope of this one sister but not with this twins sisters lol they are utterly closing their doors even the window. But am telling you they are very happy nor never heard them whine for discontentment.

They are my inspiration in life i look up to them, they simply live their lives to the fullest, while other people whined a lot of their situation and restlessly unhappy, still craving a lot of earthly things, even they have enough. Love is not a problem to be resolve you cant confidently rely your happiness to a "man" or to anything.

Few months ago my dear friend forwarded me a message "
A woman without her man is nothing"
A professor let the students put right punctuation in the sentence, all boys wrote "
A woman, without her man is nothing" all the girls wrote "A woman; without her, man is nothing" have you seen the difference? so obviously men and women has its own concept about having each other. And my sister might believe that man is not everything to have to be happy. Its better to love and lose and never love! yes i agree with this who knows they might had love before without me knowing but that was it. Love can be found to anyone we can get that without marrying so to all folks who think they are lonely look at the other side, let your eyes and heart wide open believe me its there!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Does it take Luck or hard work to succeed?

Does it takes Luck or hard work to succeed? I think in my own point of view when we reach to the pick of our success luck goes with it and even good fortune, prosperity and a chance of good fate will come too.

But what about you guys do u think we just need good luck to succeed or hard work to be more successful???? I do believe that people who work hard will reap more fruit of their labor, good things will come to people who work harder and excrete their own sweat and sacrifice. Sometimes we wish and pray about good luck, of not working hard but still achieve recognition and prosperity, i think its wrong conception it makes us lazy and wait for nothing.

We can't relied on waiting for a chance to come to happen and sit down but need to find ways and work to get the chance or luck in our own hands, possibly luck is true like winning in a million lotto prize, those kinds of unforeseen & unpredictable good fate & fortune. But how are you going to win lotto if your not consistently buying tickets to win??? hmmmmmmm well some won some don't and think that is what we called luck comes in.

Apparently hard work must be applied in our lives and not just waiting for a chance of luck or else we will all be stuck and baffle with the wrong concept of waiting for what we called LUCK!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Old home and New home

My home is my island and soul
Who witness me since i was born
My childhood was mold & i become strong
My innocence and knowledge was cultivate and grown

My beloved land my unforgotten home
I'm proud of you because there's no place like home
I promise i will be back soon
And realize the dream that we u have witness on

While am here in my new home
Il make it like my old home
Meet more friends, have fun and live like home
But i promise you il be coming home

You are my home where my heart resides
You are my wisdom and help me decide
Love and care was shared and shined
But now am greatful got old and new home to survive

Long live my two homes i owe you a lot
You are my air that breath me inside
Save me and lift me and even lets fly
Coz with you my home, i can touch the sky

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mama's Passion

I remember home how i do my daily routine every morning, watering my mom's small garden with full of orchids.

Among varieties of flowers, orchids do not require to much care but attention. But it does need enough humidity and air flow, its not even necessary to water it everyday like other ordinary one.

Mama used to talk to her flowers and believe it or not it looks like the message was really imparted when they start swinging and dancing with some melody in the air. It's very magnificent and impressive, feels like your in the paradise with so much beauty.

Flowers is like life need to be love, a little light & sunshine, some little pour from the rain and air to breath and inhale... as they blossom and develop like rainbow with different color and sometimes represent tears and joy.

As my father in law said flower is to be seen and shared, but if a flower is not seen and unshared is no better than a weed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wife Swap- Yeah It helps !

Today, i had the chance to watched the episode of "wife swap" in which two families from different world of social class and life style will exchange partners of wives ( not including sharing bed ) but the new wife will adhere and cling to the usual life style such as the house hold rules, activities that they used to do in the first week of stay. But in the second week she will imposed her own way policy and the family will adhere to the said new rules. But because of some complex changes each family are getting grouch and feel ill at ease...

The one that i watched today wasn't that common to some of us, a very dominating husband but bringing enough income with a full time wife but working at home in a medical transcription field. And a very mellow and laid back husband who do all the household work, who don't bring income with a very spoiled wife with breakfast in bed but a successful career woman who bring enough money in the family.

What do you think folks? Do you think this two families will reach out and met in the middle ground and learn from each other?... mmm Yes they did! At first the both parties felt discontented and dissuaded. But because they learn from each others shortcomings they both conceived vividly real that they needed some sort of changes for themselves & for the family.

The dominating husband realize a lot of helping his wife in some house hold chores at the house, learn to value his kids & wife more than he ever thought and the mellow/laid back husband is now looking for a job and not doing the laundry stuff.

Is it fair to dominate the husband/wife and let them do all the house hold chores because they are not bearing some amount of income? I think its not fair but both should come up with a wise plan on how to balance the finances, how to keep the home together and how to raise the kids hand in hand.

I learn that to balance family and work, Couple should always start with a plan, build a team together,implement some schedules such as time for family vacation/to dine outside once in a while, keep home at home such as leave any stress at home but do not bring it to the job and use a time management system. Once in a while couple should have time to talk and open up, to check if both are still happy and not exhausted with the occurring routine.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memorial Of MJ.....

Today me and hubby watched the whole show of MJ's Memorial and Tribute. Yes MJ's life has some random issues, sorrows, tribulation, violence and some grievous trouble that has affect on his morality but question is who has not? who are pure and not a sinner? Look at yourself in the mirror once again lets ask ourselves are we a hero? a friend? or just a plain person thats is sightless to the truth and make easy verdict to others. Me myself was mistakenly judged him why he change himself/color but hubby said he did that to his love towards his fan to look in a certain way that his fans want him to be!

Why some people are misjudging him? where he only wanted to share and makes some difference to the whole world which obviously he did. His legacy will always remain and live on forever. From the house of representative stated that a "person will remain guilty until proven guilty" he wasnt proven guilty at all. What brought me to tears is when his daughter speaks and said... "since i was born your the best father i ever have, i want you to know i love you so much" i was once a little girl when i lost my father so i know how it feels like to lose a dad..... men if u only saw it. His not just an icon, or a King of Pop but most of all a father to his 3 kids, a brother, a friend and a son... Watch "american dream" men its the best classic movie, his a very lively boy so talented...

Moon walk is his creation lots of people try to imitate it but no one could duplicate it, his voice, his remarkable talents inspire to all walks of life. So Rest in Peace in MJ...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love Story

Recently I just wrote about "love" with all those words jumbled up defining what love is & why people full in love and full out.... Therefor i would say that there is no definite precise meaning of this what we called love! But a story and experience to tell describing what is it like and that might differ to some others feelings and definition. It might be found in friendship, sexual love bet. husband and wife, paternal love bet. father to a child, maternal love bet. a mother to child or divine love bet. God and humankind.

I read about love that in psychology book love has three components and and that is intimacy, commitment and passion... And i assent with this ideas. In marriage this three are applied...I just remembered how i felt the connection & love when i first time saw my husband until when we finally tied our knot, but as i said its not only three components but many.

But love is an eternal truth of the history of human race, from God himself who gave his only begotten son and save the world, down to mankind or like a mother who dearly love her child unconditionally willing to give her life and everything. Those are a living example and cannot deny. But what if "people are used and things are love"? A story of a 4 year old boy who scratched his fathers car not knowing that its not just a scratch but it was a written word saying "i love u daddy" But because of the fathers love of his car his deep wrath leads him to damage his sons fingers and cant never grow back again. Indeed its very depressing isnt it?. People are to be loved and things are to be used, but now a days lot of us misused this fact of reality.

Anger and love are no limits we need to watch our thoughts, words and actions, it might bring us to painful sorrow and remorse. So beware! lets use it wisely or else all of us will be used and not be loved...

Friday, July 3, 2009

This is for all Lonely People!

This is for all the lonely people
Thinking that life has passed them by
Dont give up until you drink from the silver cup
And ride that highway in the sky

This is for all the single people
Thinking that love has left them dry
Dont give up until you drink from the silver cup
You never know until you try

Well, Im on my way
Yes, Im back to stay
Well, Im on my way back home (hit it)

This is for all the lonely people
Thinking that life has passed them by
Dont give up until you drink from the silver cup
And never take you down or never give you up
You never know until you try

New Place

This morning we got up so early and checked the condo at lake point, i like it so much the garage is nice and i can't wait to get messy in my new kitchen. Hubby asked me if i like the place, the entire neighborhood is very quite and neat yes yes yes i like it.

But additional bills for sure, well i can't wait to get a job and start working kinda board now of course. Well time will full into place and right time so i will keep my patience in track or else i'll get frustrated lol. later gyus!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day before day off!

Hubby is always wired & excited to take his day off, time to relax watch his favorite new movie, dine in to his fave resto & just being at home. He always got up early and most of the time his always bugging me to be with him watching his favorite series of shows. When I got up today was able to talked to my home girl back home through skype it was almost like 11 oclock in the philippines and she can't sleep yet because the new born baby is like having a jet log lol... awake at night and sleep at day time mmm babies is really that special with all those physical and emotional changes etc..

Hubby was been mentioning about soup that its been awhile since he don't have it in the table, so i figured out to make some chicken soup for lunch, his very picky i put some chayote, maggie cubes and more spices with it and in fairness he do like it he ate a lot lol except for some bones.., hubby always wanted boneless on his meat.

Oh was happy i met a 4 year old boy a new neighbor his cute and he say pleasant hello to me hes very articulate asking my name and introduced himself too, just appreciate kids like that. anways i wana take a nap i feel tired... later