Wednesday, January 6, 2010


High Blood pressure can hit to any ages, they have no exemptions. First let us determine what is high blood pressure. Hypertension is another term of high blood pressure, it occurs when our blood vessels moves through our arteries at higher pressure than normal pressure.

High blood pressure can be diagnose by placing blood pressure cuff around our arms, inflating the cuff and listening for the blood flow. There's a lot of factors why we get hypertension. If you happen to have hypertension you need to see your Dr .often. There's a lot of risk that hypertension will bring such as stroke, kidney failure, heart disease and heart attack. It can be treated by changing your lifestyle to help reduce your blood pressure.

The lifestyle that you need to change if you happen to be like this following:
1. If you happen to drink alcohol, caffeine intake like coffee, and soda---you need to minimize or even stop drinking those..Water is the safest liquid to drink.

2. If you happen to smoke cigarettes---stop smoking

3. If you happen to be overweight----start exercising and losing weight

4. If you happen to love sweets, fatty foods----replace it with healthy diet such as vegetables and fruits.

5. If you happen to get stress always------change it and find some time to relax

If hypertension is severe seeing a Dr. and proper medication is a must.


gab's mom said...

oh no... i happen to drink soda and coffee a lot... i need to exercise although i'm not overweight and i eat a lot of sweets.

thanks for reminding me.

imelda said...

i have to lose weight and lessen on sweets too.

lina@women's perspectives said...

Nice advice, prevention is always the best, right?

C. Holesterol said...

Thanks buddy, for acknowledging us about the causes of hypertension. I would be very careful about drinking coffee and having sweets.