Friday, January 29, 2010

Golden Rule

Feel guilty today I contributed something that is not that pleasant and yet rewarding to my friend. A friend asked me to translate what she feels in English. Somebody undermine her capacity, yes shes not that smart but shes a good comrade. SO I helped her out.

Have you ever met someone that always think shes better than everyone? Well everyone has its own personality. We have solitary personality, and that makes us very special. Some people think they are smart because they know English so well or maybe they are prettier compare to others.

I just stirred up one's ego today and they felt defeated. Well as the ultimate golden rules that says....Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. or don't do unto others if you don't want others do unto you.

If we have enough knowledge and wisdom lets not use them to judge people. Let's be fair and be gentle to everyone. At the bottom line only God has the right to do judgment.


nadine said...

i have to agree. some people think they're better when actually, everyone's just the same in the eyes of God :(

Kathy said...

Agoy nangaway ka sis? hehehhe... Bad ba kaau ana nga tao oi... Dli na sila dapat pansinon sis kay mgka-wrinkles ka.. hehehe

sensya na jud kau sis kron lng ko k-bista'g balik, busy kau si mother hen sa bday ni baby chick.. hehehe

Invited diay tuod ka ha... hehehhe


gab's mom said...

yes, there are a lot of people who think they are better than anyone else... but for me, by acting that way, they make themselves less like-able and the things that they are proud about become non-sense.

emie said...

@nadine thanks @ kathy lage sis dili akong battle sis skong mega ba nga luoy tawon dili man kau xa kabalo lage mag-english murag mubo ilang tan-aw sa iyaha. Ang nka bad kay ga debate cla about sa mga verses ba murag gyud mga katok. Ako naisahan wla ka tubag lol

@Gabs mom..agree with u sis they just sound so insecure and non-sense..i simply stirred up her ego. And guess what she shut-up lol

Cowboy said...

Hi dear, I really like ur Friendship, Once again thanks a lotseelaninfo

Cowboy said...

Hi dear, I really like your friendship, Once again thanks a lotseelaninfo

JENIE=) said...

it's a nice feeling to help...and how nicer it would be to do it everyday?!