Monday, May 23, 2011

iPage webhosting

Webhosting can be confusing to some people and I am one of them. I owned my two websites and I payed some bucks every year to keep it running. Now my friends kept telling me to do webhosting and I don't know how.

I know how to create a website and buy a domain name but hosting is different. I want to know more and I want to learn how to do hosting. I love reading reviews and searching online. Most of the time it helps me a lot to decide which one is the best product.

I found webhosting rating, this company is providing us the most top rated web hosting today. They also provide the affordability of the product, reliability, rating and more. Among the list of top rated webhosting, I want to try iPage unlimited budget host. I like this one because they provide unlimited disk space and traffic. I am so excited to start hosting, wish me the best!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Before it was canceled, Ugly Betty was one of my favorite TV shows on ABC. I started out watching that show on DirecTV Satellite from
. What made this show so amazing is that they come up with some of the best guest stars. In it's prime, the show had some amazing cameos.

My favorite cameo had to be Lindsay Lohan in Season two. Lindsay played an old high school rival of Betty's. I think this was a great role for Lindsay because she is talented when it comes to playing the mean girl in a movie or TV show. The chemistry between her and America Fererra was great. They complemented each other nicely.

Lindsay's character began working at Mode magazine, adding more friction between herself and Betty. This also meant that Lindsay had a three episode gig. It was sad seeing her go. She was definitely one of the best guest stars that appeared on the show. It was a great move on the producer's part.

Sadly, the show ended at the end of the third season. I have never forgotten these episodes. They were among my favorites of this series' run. They were the last great projects of Lohan's career.

Check it out for your different events and shows

It's spring time and I guess this is a perfect time to get away. It's time to refresh our system from being hooked in everyday schedules. If we want to change our slate for just in a little bit, the right thing to do is to get a time off from work and watch your favorite shows in "live". Yes in live like American idol, Britney spears concert, dancing with the starts shows and more.

Watching them live is more exciting than watching them on tv. I guess 99% will agree with me so let's get the ticket and plan our flight. Where can we get this cheap tickets? It must be cheap right? I know an online outlet store that provide tickets for different events like what I mentioned earlier. We can get it from cheap set ticket store. They are affordable and easy to get.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tampa For Your New and Used Cars

We have been saving to buy a truck for our cleaning business. We have two cars that is not enough to carry all our equipments. We don't want to finance it, we tried to pay it on cash so we are trying to tighten our budget and save more for it. For now I am searching for a good auto store that provides affordable prices. I did not give up on my search and of course I found tampa used cars. Our two cars are crysler and I found another Crysler Sebring and I am dying to get it. When it comes to crysler I am a huge fan.

But anyways I need to focus on getting a truck. Tampa used cars are very reliable and we can easily browse their cars through and they provide all the details about the car that we want to get. I want something that is used but still in good shape since we are using it in our cleaning. Their website helps me a lot to search more especially their video blogs. It is very amazing to see it in the video how this amazing cars works so good. I admire the effort of this company of providing a vivid informations to their all their clients. Check it out too!

Get a job even if it's a minimum wage

The economic crises affects the people globally. Some people lost their jobs and struggles on their finances. Me and hubby is not making millions and we are not earning minimum wage either. We make good but we still have a back up plan in case the economy will get worst. I am making money in different ways. I used my talents in writing and for that I am making money online through advertising. I also work as a full time resource teacher, a janitor in our franchise cleaning business and sometimes a driver and babysitter lol. Sound funny but that's what I do. Yes I have a bachelors degree but when it comes to working I am not picky as long as it is decent. As long as I can do it.

I talked to a childhood friend today and she goes " I stopped working because I don't make a lot" So she is now a full time mom struggling, sending her three kids to a private school. They own a barbecue store and she manage it with her husband. I guess if she did not stop, two income will be coming in the household every month. Sometimes people are so needy. They want too much...but they did not consider their qualifications. People think differently but I guess if we are too realistic to view life, we can manage our finances without struggling. So a tip for anyone who want to get a job. Be realistic...if you need to get a a job with a minimum wage then accept it. Some income is better than no income. Eventually you will have a raise or a promotions. Who knows!