Sunday, February 27, 2011

Canon The Best Brand

Our printer is very essential in our business right now. But lately its malfunctioning maybe because its getting old. We might need a new ribbon, cartridge or maybe a new whole printer. We just bought a new ink last week but still some errors occurred every time I am printing some paper works.
One of the most famous brand that I knew is canon brand. Canon brand provide different gadgets too including digital cameras. Accordingly canon is the main leader in imaging and optical product. So in line with this I will trust this brand over and over again. My old printer is canon and this printer was been so useful for us.
For now I will just buy a Canon printer ink because am running out again. I have been using my printer like everyday though. Canon ink is very economical. I really like it because aside from saving some money, my paper works that I print is very visible and clear. I might consider to check Canon inkjet cartridges too and have everything new for my printer. I guess this is the wisest thing to do for me not to buy a new whole printer...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let's Acquire Identity Theft Protection

Me and husband are both so extra careful of our personal information. We don't give away our data randomly to people who we don't know or trust or to any company etc. Our social security is always in the safe place in our house and any mails are also ripped off after we read it or if we think that we don't need it anymore. We don't just trash it without ripping it off. But anyway, we were looking for a virtual company that provide identity theft protection.
Luckily we found IdentityHawk and they are essentially focus on identity theft protection. Sometimes people can not use their own identity because they messed up so much, so they will use other identity to get a loan, get a credit card and any other personal motives. Isn't that scary...if that will happen to us it would be a huge disaster in our personal identity being used to some strangers that we don't even know.
So if your looking for an identity protection then I recommend identity hawk and you will be fully protected. The identity hawk company provides a comprehensive tools that will give us thorough protection. We can detect and protect our identity against identity theft incidents. Check it out... I think we all need it....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tunisian Revolution

I had a chance to talked to my schoolmate in high school. We talked about anything and how our life transcend in a very special way. We had a nice chat including the places that we have been gone through. One of the places that she was visited already is the country of Tunisia. This country is located in the northern part of Africa. Its area is 165,000 square meter with an estimated population of 10.4 million people. The country was under the power of Ben Ali for 23 years...thats two decades more or less....
Her husband is still there working as a company accountant but the place is not a good place to stay right now because of the Tunisian revolution. The country is mainly operated as a republic but under the authoritarian regime of their president Ben Ali. The country is undergoing a social and political issues that resulted a very deadly protest and deadly demonstrations.
I talked to my friend for almost 2 hours and she's really worried of her husband. Her husband is making a very good money right now and they can't compromise their income over the place situation. Geese this is how our Filipino people are facing right now. Because of the recession in our country, our Filipino people fleet to the other countries to work and make their living even if its not safe. Sad!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ceiling Fans My Collection

We have been working hard to get my hubbys credit back in good shape. Hubby was an investor before but prior when the market crush he also lost his 5 houses. But this year we can invest again and get back on track, I can't wait. The mortgage specialist told us that were good to go before the month of August. I am tired of staying here in our condo and I want a wider and bigger place to stay especially that we are planning to have a baby next yr.

Anyways...I have my own interior designs already and one of the accessories that I want to have in my house is to get a quality ceiling fans. Ceiling fans for me will enhance every ones house. It will give more lights and cozy feeling especially during summer. Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans is a famous company that provide a wide variety of ceiling fans today.

How about their quality and affordability? It's been a decade that they were proven and tested and that they are very lenient to our pocket budget. Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here! and compare their quality and prices.... let's make our home more comfortable by acquiring this unique ceiling fans in our home. They have different Ceiling Fans brands including Hunter ceiling fans, Minka Aire ceiling fans, and many more.

For more Ceiling Fan choices please visit Hansen wholesale ceiling fan and you will find more surprises from this company. I can't wait to make my home more interesting and am an avid ceiling fan collector. Remember ceiling fans can makes a huge different to save more bucks in our energy bills. Let's get it!

Keep Your Privacy

What is the secrecy of our own privacy? Many of us now don't really know the true essence of privacy. Some invade their own privacy without knowing it by carelessly posted their pictures in different sites publicly. Or even have their family arguments in the most famous networking site face book. We all know face book and I am disappointed to some of us who posted their thoughts or pictures without thinking the effects. I don't add random people in my face book account, il make sure that I know the person before adding them. My pictures are mainly for my friends and can't viewed publicly. If I have troubles I barely express my thoughts and if ever, I don't create a chaos and make it as an issue. A thought of advice...if your a family think many times before arguing in face book. It is very unethical and disrespectful to show to the world that your family is debating some stuff that in the first place you guys should the only people to know. Keep your privacy and be smart enough...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do You Want To Get A Ticket?

I realized that working is healthy to most of the aspects in our life but it cause stress when we forget to unwind and refresh our system. So this year I am planning to ask hubby if we could travel and watch different sports or any other events in other states. I found cheap set that provide their tickets in a very affordable amount.
They are also an online professional ticket broker that has a full access to any famous and most awaited events across the country. One of their famous events is Chicago Blackhawks Tickets and if we want one then we can simply go online or even call their ticket outlet phone number.
They are selling tickets according to our budgets so that means they are very affordable and reliable. I wanna go to New York and one shows that everyone is dying to watch and see today is New York Rangers Tickets. For more ticket shows available they also have Calgary Flames Tickets, Boston Bruins Tickets, Anaheim Ducks Tickets.
Isn't that amazing? We can now do our reservations and buy our tickets online. Cheap set negotiate their prices and of course they pass the saving to us. More savings more opportunity to make their people like happy and excited.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stock Trading For The Future

Who want to be secured in our finances? I guess me and husband are one of the people that want future security. Hubby mentioned about involving in Stock Trading and he want me to thoroughly research it. Well I found First Trade and their services are just perfect.
They are Online Broker that will assist us to manage our accounts. One of the benefits that I would like to have is to generate our 401K or IRA retirement plans. Through first trade they will encourage us to get sign up and have IRA Accounts.
Isn't that amazing to invest products and services with them and gain more profit? It's recession globally and it takes time to have our economy get back to where it was. If you want to learn more about first trade advantage then start browsing now.
Some of their products and services are mutual funds, CD's, retirement accounts as I mentioned, dividend reinvestment and more. Today a couple with one kid need to have two to three income to survive. With all the mounting bills, its hard to cope up and be stable. So I guess first trade is a huge step to get our financial situated. Check it now!


I was gruelling with fever last night. I was shivering and felt all the body pain. I was supposed to enjoy watching movies with a friend but I was really sick. They still came over and eat some chips, chocolates and watch "the forbidden kingdom" but when hubby get home I go straight to my bed and get my self to rest. Hubby gave me some medicine and we were surprised it works. After 3 hrs of being burning with fever, I start sweating and feel a little bit better. It's hubby's confirmation today and I might just go to church for the sacrament and go home. I am still not feeling well but I finished my pending task. Thank heavenly father for giving me such strength despite of the pain and being sick... I praise you!

Police harassment

Our police officers main job is to protect the community, to keep the peace and order and rescue our people in case of some incidents. But what if our own police will commit the harassment? There are many cases today that our police officers are involved of police brutality and other abuses.

If you found any police harassment then city of Orlando will resolve you issues. Through online we can now report any police brutality and can retrieve accidents report involving our police officers. The city of Orlando website provide exquisite programs including volunteer program and Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. Isn't that amazing that we can now easily report and get involved in any police harassment that occurred in our community?

If we want to submit ourselves and be a responsible citizen we can also help to find missing people. The Orlando criminal investigations division comprised with four divisions sections. One of the sections that they have is youth services section. I will tell my husband about it and for sure he will volunteer too. How about you guys? Let's start getting involved and start speaking up. Don't be scared! Let us stop
police harassment.

Free Credit Score

Our credit score is a key to achieve success. We need to acquire an excellent credit or else our plans will be daunting to achieve. Getting a house, car and even getting a reputable job require us to show our good credit standing. How to keep our credit score safe and fully protected? I have a virtual source for you to recommend and that is to acquire yourself at free credit score, they are reliable and provide exquisite services.
Can we trust free score? Yes they provide a full control of our credit score to be free from any identity theft. What are those protection that they provide?
  • First is they have triple accuracy- meaning they will show if your credit score has some errors.
  • Second is they have triple protection-meaning they will thoroughly guard your credit score from identity theft. They have 24/7 monitoring protection in 3 bureaus and will pave way to any unknown activity.
  • Triple peace of mind- that means once we acquire free score we will become stress free. Why? because they will take care of everything. They have outstanding management and the most easy access to all the 3 credit score provider.

Every time we check our credit score we believe that it will ding our scores. Not with free score. We can now monitor our credit score anytime we want with complete protection. Inquire now!

Baptism of Hubby

We had a blast dinner at Asian Cafe last Thursday. The elders, me and my husband dine in our favorite restaurant. It was my husbands baptism and I can't explain how delightful I was. It's a huge deal in our marriage to put Jesus Christ in our life. I noticed that our marriage is growing pleasantly and going to church every Sunday contribute a lot. As a human being we have agencies on what to do or what to choose. But I am glad because I was able to bring my husband to church and be cleansed again. The elders in our church helps us a lot to grow more and understand the scripture.

Baptismal is a key to follow the commandments of God and I certainly believe that being obedient is a requisite. I cried when I hug my husband. I was so happy and proud of him. I had a speech but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it because my eyes and my tongue coherent to each other. I was so emotional and can't think what to say next.

I am just so proud that my husband did a good choice. And we will try to keep the path of the righteousness and put God in the center of our marriage. Am proud of you my husband and heavenly father and Jesus Christ is proud of you too. You got the gift of the Holy Ghost now!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking For You Legal Defense? Check this out!

When it comes to criminal situation and defense, it is very essential to know the law and where we wanna go in case we encounter some intrusions. Today the world is full of turmoil. Burglary, rape, killings, drug trafficking, murder, assault, family violence and other abuses is every where. Both victim and the offender must need a certified attorney.
In Central Texas we could found a board certified criminal law specialist and an expert of appellate law. For yeas they can vividly show much of remarkable success resolving different tough cases. When you feel that your innocent and need your defense, then don't go hopeless. Some cases people are innocent and they were just being misjudge. Don't let this happen to you. Justice must prevail and you have Texas Criminal Robert M. Philips to win your case. If your looking for a crime attorney Georgetown then you got the best one.
The law firm of Robert M. Philips are board certified in criminal law. Their expertise is exquisite. Start protecting yourself for being sentence. If you are being charge of unjust trial then start speaking up with R. Philips and find your justice. Your legal team is here for you so contact your Georgetown crime attorney now.
Accordingly when we hire R. Philips, the prosecutor will anticipate that the defense will be tough and thorough so that means he is really a good defense attorney. Check it out and learn more about their services, get your Georgetown Criminal Attorney and be free.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slowly In a an Icy Road

It's blizzard last night and I wasn't able to drive in the morning to go to work. Hubby wont let me drive so I humbly asked my co-worker to pick me up if she can. She picked me up but she wasn't able to drive all the way in my parking lot because she was scared to be stuck ed. I guess I should have drove myself today but anyway I will tomorrow. Its pretty icy and slippery but I will just slow down as I can and manage my steering wheel completely. When I get off from work today, I warm-up my car and take off the snow around it. It was pretty cold outside and I had a bloody nose after staying for 15 minutes cleaning my car. I wish we have two garage car and I can put mine. I will just drive slowly tomorrow and be cautious. Good Night everyone!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I might Get A New Car From Car Connect Resources

Cars are necessity for the many and leisure for the few, especially here in the states. I am one of the many people who need my car so much to get to my job and to anywhere that I want to go. I must admit that I like sumptuous cars in the market but I am happy of not paying any payments for my since its already paid off.

However hubby was been telling me that he might buy a new one for me. I did not say yes or no but I am having a mix up emotions. Getting excited to get a new and feeling owe of missing my old car. I always value my things and I guess if I will get a new one, my old will stay in the garage.

I asked hubby if she has some online car resources so that I can start browsing. He believe that car connect is the best resources that we can get. They have virtual connection to the car market today. People are liking their service and believe that they can help us more than any company has to offer.

I checked different cars and this cars are the following,
Mitsubishi Lancer De with extra ordinary load, Ford Transit Connect that might be perfect for our janitorial business, bmw for leisure interest, and Honda Civic-Hybrid. I wish I could have all of those lol. But one of them must be mine though. The best way to learn and gain more information's about the car that you are buying is to check the cars reviews. Car connect provide unbiased reviews so rest assured it is true.

Check it now folks, right now I am just waiting for my money for bump-up and i will buy the car that I already like...So excited!