Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I watched the movie Precious that is based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. The movie is about a dysfunctional kind of family on which Claireece Precious Jones was an illiterate 16 year old fat, unnoticed girl who was raped and impregnated twice of his own father and abused with her own mother.

She build her dreams through imaginations where its limitless. Precious was kicked out from her regular school but was invited to enroll to an alternative school. This movie simply reveals the other side of life...that when every one of us find life so easy, luxurious and happy...this drama film is shouting that life is hard..short..painful...rich and precious....watch it folks its inspiring....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fiance Visa

What is K1 or Fiance Visa? According to the US immigration citizenship K-1 visa is a non immigrant visa issued to the fiance of a US citizen to enter the United States. The petitioner or the U.S citizen is required to file the petition on behalf of their future spouse. The USCIS is handling the immigration process including the petitioners genuine background.

Once the foreign fiance(e) have receives the visa through certain interview from their respective embassy they must followed the accompanied law. When they get here in the states they are given a span time of 90 days to marry each other or must leave the US if they can't met the law process. After the wedding the next step is to adjust the status to become a legal resident (AOS). From two year resident, to 10 year and eventually avail the right to be a us citizen with a certain procedure.

Child Support

What is a child support? Here in the states child support can be permitted by the law when the parent is a legal citizen or a us resident. If the mother is an illegal alien she can not run child support but is this fair? Child support is a money ordered by the court. There are 3 general legal concept of child support and this parts are:

a. basic support-this includes basic needs food, clothing, educational cost, transportation and other expenses.

b. medical support- health insurance both medical & dental expenses

c. child care support-child care cost

There are also some child support guidelines to be considered and the following are:
.the income of both parents
. the number of kids
.determining the cost of raising a child at different income levels
. determining the availability the cost of medical support

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cheap Dial Up Service

Quality internet access and good service is what every one's desire. We are not delighted to have interruption in our connection. We want fast internet and easy access every time we come online. Copper.net is a virtual company that provide quality dial-up internet access.

This company understand the crises today as they offered a very affordable cost of amount. As low as 14.95 a month you can have your fastest internet that you never had before. Not like other company that charge us when we cancel our membership, copper company do not work like that. No cancellation fees and no force agreement and commitments. This cheap dial up has unbelievable unlimited connection and bunch of extra features.

Setting up your dial up connection is fast, light and easy. With their two available easy windows set instructions and mac os setup instructions your high speed internet will be readily provided to you. Since they are revolutionary of providing quality internet services, they expanded their wide options of high speed internet connectivity. They absolutely wanted to met every one's need by giving out extra services.

Their internet services highly includes broadband internet, call alert, copper archive, copper dsl and a lot more. This dsl service plan is design to give you more options to pick. All of their coppernet dsl plans include excellent features. This features include 30 hours of back up service, they ensured that you will always have excellent connection, 100% satisfaction guarantee of their services and you will expect 125 x's speed rate. Copper company delivers excellent performance and reliability service. So what are you waiting for? Switch it now!

Brittany Murphys Death

Brittany Murphy is one of my favorite holly wood actress I first time saw her at 8 mile , a drama music film with m&m. Shes flawless and talented. I was stunned the other day when I read the shocking news about her death. She was found cold and breathless in her own bathroom.

The shining star died at the age of 32, the new years resolution to have kids will now remain as a dream that never come true. According to the news there was no foul play but she died in a natural cause of death. Cardiac arrest is seemingly normal when a person die but what produced cardiac arrest? Well what ever it is Murphy is dead and it don't make any difference its sad.

Her dad can not believe and can not see her that way. Bertolotti feel broken of losing her daughter, he saw his daughter last 3 years ago. He wanted to think that Murphy is just doing some movie somewhere else. Murphy and her mom Sharon are inseparable to each other. Once again Murphy is our sister, girl, daughter, wife and our shining star. Rest in Peace Murphy...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas To Every One.....
May Love And Peace Be In Our Hearts....
All I Wish And Pray That Every One Find Peace And Happiness In This Special Event....



Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Magic Of Art

A group of professional is delivering their master piece this holiday. Different selection of potteries, ceramics and acmi glazes products are dazzling with styles and designs. If your an artist and want to learn more check amaco and enhance your expertise. You can customize and draw your own styles & explore your skills. They are expanding their products in school too but they ensured that it is non toxic and lead free, as they followed the consumer product safety improvement act of 2008.

They have selection of lead free glazes and under glazes accessories. They categories it with low fire glazes, high fire glazes, over glazes and many more. They have this cone 06 glazes with their stunning textures and designs. You can pick form cone 04 to cone 06 and many more selections. Their pottery artist Don Reitz and Brent Wheel who contributed a lot in this pottery venture . I remember the movie Ghost, in the first part of the movie where Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze forming the clay using the wheel. This art work of the hand is remarkable and amazing. Passion and dedication is being instilled to create a magical form that not every one could perform.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bye-bye cavity

Long time ago before this remarkable tooth paste was invented our ancestors has no idea of how they clean their teeth. Can you imagine how painful it is experiencing those cavity???...We are really fortunate to have gone this generation with all the innovation of getting our clean teeth and healthy. With all those effective cleaning tooth paste our teeth still encounter some tooth decay and gingivitis, so how much more to those who really don't clean their teeth. I found a classical way of cleaning the teeth before this flavored tooth paste was discovered.

a. Mixing the tobacco and honey- i think back home they called this as "mama" this is common used by Manobo tribe
b. Ashes from the wood fire as they used wood fire when they cooked
c. Lemon Juice
d. Charcoal

Now we are very lucky to have all those wide selection of tooth paste. But keeping our teeth regularly is very important like:

a. Brush your teeth at least twice a day more specially after breakfast and before going to bed. Plaque will be clean out when we brush it properly.

b. Brushing is not only for your teeth but also to every side of yours gums and tongue.

c. Brush your teeth at least 3 minutes in a row, it will help to clean it thoroughly...

d. You need to change your tooth brush every 3 months and make it sure it has soft bristles.

e. Flossing your teeth is very important, our tooth brush can not perfectly reach the hidden area but floss can.

f. We have now dentist so lets use their resources and get help of maintaining our teeth clean and healthy. Lets visit them at least twice a year.

g. Getting the right food and drinks can also contribute of keeping our teeth healthy. Avoid to much sugar the plaque of our teeth would love that. Healthy food like fruits, vegetables and water is always the best healthy stuff that we could take.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple Meal

I am really trying to lose weight and Its daunting me to do it. Its pretty hard when you know that every time you open the fridge you got a lot of choices there to eat. But today I found this simple instructions that will perhaps help me to cut down some weight a little. The following meal instructions are the following:

1. meal number 1- any cereal that with 2/3 cup of milk and favorite fruits. Any protein shake will do too.

2. meal number 2- will be like some waffles, protein meal bar, and any fruit shake that rich in protein.

3. meal number 3- eat what you normally do some chicken, meat with vegetables or even rice..But not too much

4. Snacks- some healthy crackers, salads, and fruits..you can drink your beverages as you normally do

Hope this will help me....am really trying to do a lot of exercise lately but no progress and even start myself. But hope this time around will work........

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Education Help Today

When it comes to education and learning we don't regret any penny that we spend. We are always looking forward to improve and learn more every day. If your a student or a parents that aimed to improve and advance your comprehension skills, online tutoring is now available. They are very detailed and provide step by step from the basic up to the complex one. They provide online lessons for Math, English and Science that are one of the major subjects. If you are having problems with your math subjects, good news because they have Online math tutoring that provide accurate math answers from any complex math problems.

This online tutoring is equipped of all the resources that the students need to avail. They are very comprehensive of promoting convenient but effective way of learning today. They are fun and not pressured way of learning because they want to ensure that students will find it easy but rewarding. The Precalculus help that provides complex & composite numbers are also part of the lessons. They also have statistics help and chemistry help is equipped with definite concepts and understanding methods. Their highly qualified professional tutors are mastered and fully knowledgeable to any topics from K12 to college. Improve your grades now and become one of your schools deans list.

Planning for my Dream Home

When we start our own family it is more delightful when we live in our own dream house. Me and hubby was been looking for a comfortable, quite and desirable place to live. We have our own design and style that's why we are saving enough money to realize it. Often time we need some trusted people that will help us to plan out and find us our dream home. Good news folks because house plans will help us to design and find our dream house easy and quick. House plan is offering a wide variety of home selection right now with a &100 special offer OFF when we purchase before the end of this year.

They have top selling plans that people adore to have and this are the sumptuous house design from luxury design down to log and ranch home design. They are really equipped of providing you to build your dream house. If you can not find the best design that fits in your styles. Plan house will provide you the builder that is available in your area. Now searching your dream house will no longer daunting and stressful but it is very rewarding and exciting. They also have project plans collections and this include your garage plans, shed plans and backyard plans. Am more concern to have a project plans for my backyard like planning a little garden and play ground. Can't wait to come up the money and start my dream house. How about you?

Project plans

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be most developed from too much exposure from the sun's ultra violet rays and some artificial stuff and one of them is over tanning. There's a lot of skin cancer diagnosed each year both melanoma and none melanoma. What is melanoma? This is a kind of cancer that its already metastatic and the tumor is already in a high risk that creates dark pigments in the skin. None melanoma occurred in certain area such as ears , necks,faces and other more due to chronic exposure from the sun. There are two types of skin cancer basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Basal cell carcinoma- the appearance is small bump with doom shape. The blood vessels is very visible in the surface..it is translucent in color. Squamous cell carcinoma appears like a small pimple that seems like it don't go away but stay forever and might bleed anytime. This type of cancers are both destructive and can be so risky and lead to death when its not treated early and properly. Simply tips lets try to refrain ourselves of too much exposure to the sun and if possible lets use lotion that has sun protection. Remember protection has been always better than cure.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Best In Math

If you are looking forward to have more advance studies about math, Math Help online service is now being offered. They are equipped of the innovative way of providing effective online tutoring. This Online Tutoring is approved by professional licensed teachers. They have thorough screening of the topic in the video to make sure that the given lesson is accurate and right for your learning.

Assignments, home works and other research studies about math will be quick and easy with the help of this online learning facility. One of their online tutorial is Algebra Help and they featured several video lessons about algebra. You can pick which lesson concept is appropriate for you. There are various kind of algebra help and one of them is irrational numbers, prime numbers, absolute value and more.

This Algebra Tutoring has wide of lessons so you expect more leaning solutions to avail. Their lessons are brief but very concise meaning they will ensure that the learner will not get board but always attentive. This Guaranteach online has certain strategies to determine which learning environment you are suitable with. For more information please visit Guaranteach, they are outstanding and very helpful.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Life is difficult but fun...its a form of art like wrestling and battling than dancing and singing. Mix emotions can be happen anytime and any second...you can be happy and sad, worried and excited.

Running off is not a solution but facing it with courage is the answer. No one can help but you..no one can defeat it but you...

Life is like the clouds in the sky sometimes is dark and sometimes is pellucid...rainbows comes out after the rain and shine.

Be lucky of the people who loves you dearly because they are the gift of life that is priceless. Have fun...get up and rise...chances are every where in the corner...hope is shining for you to reach...

At the end of the day its YOU its YOU who can conquer the spices of what we called LIFE......

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Perfect to all kinds of Vacation

Once in a while we set back, relax and take a deep breath across the sea side beach. We adore and appreciate solemnity and the beauty of nature. We love to be pampered with sumptuous accommodations and folks we could have all of this in myrtle beach side resort. This resort will give us enough ease as they provide us the most sophisticated Myrtle Beach Hotel as we ever imagine. Their hotels and condos are equipped of modern amenities that we deserve to experience.

Furthermore they have this Oceantfront Myrtle Beach Hotel that is elegant, very relaxing and undeniable soothing environment. Some foot steps ahead and you will experience the dazzling nature sensation over their white sand. The newly build golfers condos and hotels are ideals for golfers with spacious accommodations. They are providing vast of reservations and entertaining stuff. Their condo rooms are fully furnished with modern accessories and stuff. We will also experience the centennial food that we never experience from other accommodations.

Make your reservations now and you will gain the lifetime experience of their Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels with their sea side excitement. They have selective online reservations such as via phone and secure online system. Their customer service representative is knowledgeable enough to give you the satisfying comfort that your friends and family needs. This beach side resort is ideal to every one who wants to have remarkable get away. This is suitable to any occasions that you are planning to explore...from family vacations, wedding receptions down to leisure escapades. Visit now and lifetime experience is awaiting for you!

Tears In a Friends Eye

Shes drifting apart and cry...and I asked her why?
She nod her head and just cry...
Shes troubled and distress and I cant help to try
Folks...What should I do to stop her to cry...

Shes adorable shes witty but now with a teary eye
Shes confused shes broken and helpless to try
Her mind is close her heart is dry
Feeling numb and restless losing hope and ready to die

Help me lets help her...lets help her and try
She need to be happy and wear some grin & get to smile
If love is happiness then joy must be her eyes
Not tears and distress that tearing her inside....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lets Build Our Trips and Save more

Are you a reasonable traveler or an individual who is planning to travel with your friends and family? I have some available tips and information on how you could avail the best rates that is right for your needs. Most of the time during holiday season we love visiting to our miles away friends and family, but traveling requires money. Good news because incredible deals and best rates is given away from low fares.They have 3 steps such as build your trip, select three sites to compare and finally compare the actual rates from different air fares and save money.

If your a budget traveler like me, a new design travel arsenal gifts under $50 is now available. Most of us are packed and equipped of all the travel accessories but guys we don't need to carry bunch of luggage but try this new alternative.
Low fares is not only for our cheap tickets but they are essential of providing a lot of collection benefits to make the whole trip satisfying and achieving.

If you love to cruise, sumptuous Costa Deliziosa is awaiting for us next year 2010, this will be one of their luxury travel cruises that you would love to experience. Let start building our travel itinerary and decide which flight is favorable to us. Low fares covers from flight preparation, hotels, down to car rentals. For more travel tips to learn lets visit travel web with complex of travel news and travel planning insights. As of now they are having an online auction for great travel names. More adventures and related travel attractions is highly featured there.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

David Blaine

David Blaine White.... an exceptional illusionist and a vigor artist that could endure physical pain was born on April 4, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. He is gifted with special skills ...he is an extra ordinary performer who traveled across the country to share his talents in the street. His magic are very spontaneous without any necessary sham stunts. He has been a phenomenal of breaking a lot of world records in the history.

I have been a fun since when I was still in the Philippines and I was wondering if I could come across with him one day. I adore his endurance and sparking magics its undeniably great! He does a lot of amazing tricks such as on cards and levitation moves where he took his both feet off the ground.

Year 1999 he was buried alive in a plastic box filled with 3-ton of water for over 7 days. Yes 7 days...what an extra endurance...Year 2000 he stunt inside the massive block of ice for 63 hrs and 42 Min's and 15 seconds...I couldn't imagine how he survive. They called this as Frozen in Time...Year 2002 was what they called vertigo I watched this on TV and pretty amazing...that was my first time when I saw him performed. Indeed His very talented and I wish I could watch him performed one day... in my own naked eye live in front of me...

Friday, December 4, 2009


After the Ampatuan assassination last November 23, 2009 President Gloria Arroyo declared Maguindanao as a state of marshal law. Now that military take over this lawless province, they might have some little of peace eventually. This war zone and full of violent environment must come to a realization. Only ruthless animal could slaughter such innocent lives....

Journalist personality should not be executed that way...people who write and documented their verdict fairly. Its the deadliest event in the history...its a mass of grave. so sad!

Peace is the absence of war...hope this will be achieve but how???


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coconut Shrimp

One of hubby's special coconut shrimp...I had a good dinner last night. Some salad and few pieces of coconut shrimp. It was so yummy...I am having troubled with my camera again actually there is nothing wrong with it but Its me who did something wrong. I adjust some stuff and that's the result.

Its snowing last night and we did not able to go out today we just chose to stay home and get the stuff that we need tomorrow and besides its hubby's day off so its good.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its Time To Swing and Golf

Calling to all golfers across the country, a very enchanting and stunning resort is delivering the luxurious lifetime experience. This stunning Golf Myrtle Beach is equipped with sumptuous amenities and breathtaking views. If you are planning for a family vacation or sports escapade then Myrtle Beach Gold Vacations will be guiding you with your booking and lead you to avail their special promotion. Customer service specialist will assist you all the way and help your reservation ready.

King North in Myrtle Beach national is one of the thought-provoking golf course in the planet today. Its like a paradise with their finest attractions that you never been before. The water and the green relaxing environment is phenomenal. Right now they are offering a remarkable top 5 Myrtle Beach Golf Packages and explicit collection. The top 5 gold packages are the following:
a.Burroughs and Chapin
b. Myrtle Beach National
c. Glens Group
d. The Cats
e. Mystic Group

Myrtle Beach Golf is exceptional when it comes to their amenities, banquet of food, heartbreaking water views that is soothing and fresh while playing golf. Do your reservation now and choose your course with Ttimes only and they will bring you to a lifetime fun. You can also enjoy your featured courses with the following such as Possum Trot Golf Club, Thistle Golf Club, Willbrook Plantation and many more. During night time they have wide selection of nightlife entertainment and one of them is Overtime Sports Cafe. When its time to eat they also have sizzling restaurants and one of them is Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar. Isn't that fulfilling and satisfying? Go get your reservations and have fun!!!!!!!!


I talked with my home girl kumadre this morning with a disturbing news not only to baby sky but to them too. I felt worried and helpless... Yesterday they brought baby sky to the hospital due to amoeba virus. Kumadre and her husband are extra careful when it comes to their baby sky. They sterilize the baby's stuff to kill unnecessary micro organisms that might cause disease. Everything is clean and how the amoeba penetrate and effect the baby's immune system?

Amoeba is any kind of parasitic protozoan that moves by means of pseudopods. This thing has no definite shape. This can be found to any fresh water ponds, streams, salt and any moist terrestrial environment.

Kumadre always ensure that the house is clean and all the stuff for the baby... but the Dr. said this is because its been raining lately and amoeba are active in rainy days. Baby sky is getting well and that's what matters most. Indeed raising a baby is not easy especially when they get sick. Get well soon kumadre.......don't get stress so much everything well be fine...you know that sky is sky and his strong enough to conquer it...with his unlimited laugh amoeba will be defeated...