Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tips to Prepare for Camping Escapades

We have a plan to go camping and venture up to the mountain. This will be my first time and I want to be fully-prepared and have a memorable experience. We cannot just wonder to the wild or unknown area without proper preparation and precautions or else it can be a disaster. So I tried to research some of the most helpful tips on what to ready when heading to camping.

The following are the very effective ways to prepare before deciding to go the wild:
  • Pick an establish campground not so far from the civilization in case of emergencies. Ask some reservations and camping guide.
  • Ask about what are the applicable camping tents to bring such as travel trailers, sleeping bags or anything
  • Be ready to have your first aide for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Easy food to cook with some energizers on it.
  • Cooler pack to keep your drinks and food cold and fresh.
  • Also bring some fresh dried foods in case you will be run out of some fresh foods.
  • If you are planning to go fishing on the camping don't forget to bring fishing equipment.
  • Bring a map, GPS, or any navigation devices.
  • Repair equipment in case your stuff needs some repair
  • Always bring extra for everything.
  • Have a menu to follow to budget your meals. This is to avoid running out of food supply.
  • Some kitchen equipment like can opener, knives, dish detergent, cutting board and a lot more.
  • Bring enough water its very important to have enough on this.

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