Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Fiesta August 27-28

Its August 27, 2010 in the Philippines and of course its our hometown fiesta. As far as I know the said cities that commemorates fiesta are Cagayan de oro city, Valencia and of course my own beloved home town Old Damulog. In our family we celebrate fiesta every year with several reasons. First is we serve this as our thanks giving for giving us good harvest when my father still used to run a farm, we dedicated it to our own patron Saint Augustin and of course to God. Fiesta is commonly hosted by our own Catholic church. There's always a procession followed with a church mass. People go to church and give thanks to God. Any member of the family whose not at home will try to come home and celebrate the said celebration. There's a feast of food in every house that offers everyone to eat. There are some sports activities and a traditional coronation night with some selected beautiful ladies. Everyone is being united on this festival. I miss my home a lot and I can't wait to be home again and spend quality with my family. Happy Fiesta everyone!

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