Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Anniversaries

What is the significant of giving importance in our wedding anniversaries? Some people celebrate even their "month saries". They give thanks of the span of time that they get through despite of some unexpected struggles. So when were talking about wedding anniversaries, we cherish and treasure it more since the time span is years.
There are different ways to celebrate anniversaries. We can surprise them to some of their favorite food or stuff to get. A simple bouquet of flowers is also lovely to get or to give. Going into a cruse, vacation overseas or dining to the most delicious restaurant in town is a good idea too.
Being married is a great experience everyday however the task of being a husband and a wife is not like eating a piece of cake without baking it, in other words it needs a work to be done! Like cooking it requires some spices to mix it with them to taste it good. Again marriage is like cooking it requires proper preparation in order to provide a good delicious taste. Sometimes we can make it salty, spicy and even a sweeter taste.
It is a journey that requires patience, perseverance and true love. Some married people get lost on their journey but they always have a choice to make it right, it depends when they still value it or not. I just celebrated my wedding anniversary last Saturday and I am blessed and glad that God showered us with a bounty blessings of love. More wedding anniversaries to come for us!

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