Friday, August 28, 2009


When we hope the expectation and trusting of our faith, desire of winning and achieving are kind of focus & certain. I always believe and hope for the best though it do not promise some guarantee. Life might not perfect but i would say that i have chosen my preferences according to what i want and need.

Lets say on my chosen profession, at first i thought i do not belong to be a mentor of teaching & sharing my knowledge but as time goes by reflecting of what i had done, i consider those as one of my accomplishment as an individual.

I am not a spirited kind of a person because i used to be meek and frigid but circumstances teaches me to stand up and held hope and vigor as my armor to fight and somehow to win. Now i would say i gained self realization to hope for something good. Recently Iv been losing hope of getting a job, maybe am too bored to stay home, but anyway everything will fall in the right place and time. Hopefully it will be soon.........

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Handy Purse Hooks

Latest fashions for every one who take care of their purses so much is now available in the market. Purse Hook is a newly design for purses, this is conveniently made for the purpose of getting our purses out of mess, dirt, and even getting stolen by someone else.

Like for instance when we are in a certain restaurant to eat we were having troubled of where are we going to place our purses comfortably without getting them to be steal or get dirt. Now we do not need to worry because a new designed purse hooks is available that is very reasonable in price.

Me myself is planning to get one, they got several colors and designs that will match up our purses. A good gift that is very useful and functional especially to those who are working in the office. We should have share and try this ideal new style and design of purse hook.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding Ring

Marriage is a wedlock or a union of two genuine person who are committed & pledge to love and to hold abiding with the law of God accompanying with social & religious ceremonies. The ceremony includes the ring exchange and vows.... This ring symbolizes the love and commitment to the new wed couple. Diamonds or gold do not symbolize the purity but the sensation & the power of love is what makes this ring valuable and precious.

But what if the husband do not like wearing it after the wedding? some people say its a sign of infidelity. To show that he is still single and not committed to anyone special... and that its easy to cheat without the wedding ring.

For you guys what is your opinion? does it makes a difference when a married man wears a wedding ring or huge conflict of not wearing it... feel free to leave your comments....thank u

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family & Friends

Generally we describe family as a closely bloody related group of people, parents and kids, uncle & unties, nieces and nephews etc. But i learned that we can call a family even if its not bloody related as long as it shares with common attitudes, goals frequently love and care each other and that is our friends and our in laws.

True friends are our family, who share good rapport, connection and harmony, who has sympathetic relationship that when one is hurt and happy they both feel and share like a family. Its very nice when we have friends when you are far from home. Its very nice when our in laws frequently check on us, how lucky we are when have this kind of people.

I deeply treasure people like this who give me so much importance and care........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Art of Music

Music came from different significant forms through the elements of harmony, rhythm and melody. Its an amazing art of sound that expresses ideas and emotions. Piano is one of the best & famous instrument that creates melodic and harmonic kind of sound that every one likes to hear, but wait... it do not play without a pianist.

Yoke Wong specialize piano sheet music and courses online, it has some variety of courses that fits in your interest that you could pick. One of this is mastering the art of piano sight reading, this is suitable and appropriate for late beginner and early intermediate player individual. This sight reading course will bring you to learn how to read various kinds of notes, count the rhythm of some pieces and provide effective guidelines and methods that you possibly need.

My husband is an artist himself and we are now planning to enroll and get this course online, this is another venture to spend our quality time together. I know every one loves music, to you out there try this yoke wong courses, introduce this to your own kids, your kids might have hidden talents that has not been discover yet. This sight reading piano lessons requires lots of practice but following the steps or methods will never be hard and remember practice makes perfect, no one was born who plays piano right away but anyone might born with the talent to develop so what are we waiting for lets try.
I received this creative award from marian am very delighted for this kind of appreciation it triggers me to write more informative contents. I would like to share this award to certain people who patiently followed me and read my write ups. To dad paul, to ms dorothy, bizril, donna, sharon, wayne, krisna, debbie dana,jenny,faye, cacai, sogitorrium and to all friends in my list. You are all can grab it and share to people u would like.

Happy day to all bloggers... mabuhay!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Significant Vaccines

Immunization is a process of becoming our body to be immune against certain bacteria to cause unnecessary diseases. Most of us are vaccinated for certain vaccines that our body requires to combat disease. Me, my husband and my mother in law are making some plans to travel out in the country next year and do some research to some fighting vaccines online. Fortunately we come across usppg a medical buying group that render & serves over 7,000 physician and medical practice across the country.

Its a free membership and as a member you are able to profit some benefits such as discounted price of vaccines, medical, surgical and office supplies, and some extra dividend by purchasing the product from usppg This one will help us a lot to reduce so much expenses from our medical insurances. Various vaccines that i found are havrix, this is for children from 1 year old (12 and 23 months) to fight hepatitis A, fluarix vaccine that is good to age 18 years and above that fights influenza disease, infarix, pediarex and a lot more.

This is not only for adults but more importantly to kids that needs proper vaccine. What are you waiting for lets sign up the membership and be part of this amazing medical usppg group, its free and this is really important remember folks health is wealth...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Healthy Supplement

My mom is having high and low sugar pressure and am always worried of her. Me and my husband bought him a certain diabetic kit which we are about to send back home. But today I am very delighted to come across online. introduce "rezmelts" a reservatrol supplement that contains 150mg of reservatrol. Rezmelts is equivalent to 1,500 glasses of wine so instead of drinking several glasses of grape wine reservatrol provides the most convenient and effective way to live more healthier. This supplement help to burn fats and calories too so instead of dieting and doing some random exercise, one pill could really make a difference.

Rezmelts supplement provides a lot of benefits, it prevent, cure and fight diseases especially when we hit to 50 yrs of age and above. Accordingly it has a component that slow down aging illness and has survival mechanism that prevent heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

All of us want to live healthier and longer so i highly recommend reservatrol, me myself will buy for my mom back home this will be a big kind of help, also i will recommend this to my in laws to mom and dad in Texas as well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Deals

Today i got something special to share, great deals and fabulous kind of recommended bridal shoes in Bridal shoes that you could use in your very special day, at your momentous time that you could always remember and be proud of. They offered variety of styles from bride shoes to ring bearers and flower girls, its very amazing when you can certainly shop online without any hassle but easily accessible.

Several Brands captures me such as,nina, caparros,coloriffics, martines valero and many others, their style is extremely unique and very beautiful. If i could only redo my wedding and buy such beautiful shoes like those, anyone of us will always aspire to look good and wear beautiful stuff in our special day.

This online shopping saves lot of time especially to those who got hectic or exhausting schedules, so lets grab this favorable time to go online and shop, will serve you the best quality of bridal shoes you ever want to have.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Father in laws & I thoughts read it and tell us what u think........have fun reading

Why are we never happy? I want to be tall,i want to be shorter,tanned,bleached,
fatter,skinnier,older,younger,blond,red head, brunette,smaller nose,bigger eyes, I could go and on,but,I think you get the point.

When will we realize that we are just what God wanted when he put us here. Each of us must understand that we are one of a kind,yet a rainbow would be dull with one color,not much of a forest with one kind of tree. Can you just picture a neighborhood, city,state,or country where everyone looked, acted, thought and felt alike?Can you see eating the same meal day after day,wearing the same clothes, working the same job ? Man would not survive one generation.We could learn a lot if we look back at the small child.

He is exploring every thing not worrying if his clothes are right, if he gets angry
he is over it in a short time and playing with the same kids or things.
We tend to worry about what others think,trying to satisfy everyone is a spiral
down hill. If each of us accept who we are and strive to improve our place in the
world, our rainbows would be the most colorful,and our forest would be the thickest
and our world would be the greatest.

Folks life is like a rainbow, each color represent the mode & the atmosphere...or else life will be so dull and meaningless. We will not appreciate black if we are all white, we will not appreciate white if we are all black. We are born with uniqueness and that identifies us of who we really are. With variety and beyond the imperfections and differences we are still united and become one. Can you imagine if we have the same color the same faces? would you like to be look like me? i don't think so... no one is a like even the identical twin now tell me are you satisfied of your looks that God has given to you? tell me let us know........

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why We Need to Prove Ourselves???

"Do not judge lest you be judged. "For in the way that you judge you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. "And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? "Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and behold, the log is in your own eye? "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:1-5)

Some people go with the first impressions, the time they put their eyes on you, your conduct and even your appearance was even evaluated and concluded by reasoning. I do believe that we are not supposed to live on other peoples impressions but live out loud of who we really are. We cant please every one but at least we show the best modest way we could ever show to create a good relationship. Some people are such a phony to please people to like them well that is not right at all, and some people talk & go against people lives to upgrade show they are much better and made out some hell story to ruin even a dear friend...

Who cares if others acts differently??? well each of us live our lives in a unique kind of way, literally when different cultures and norms are involve. Recently i had a dilemma of how i will fight for my right as a person... to much was said about me such and such was made up and am almost drawn with it. From all the experience i had i learned that vengeance is not really ours because justice will always prevails sooner or people who talk a lot of bad things against others later on of their lives they will all eat it and that is KARMA....

But surprisingly everything was justified in the proper place and time. I met my in laws and they are very amazing individual i was overwhelmed with so much love and acceptance, and in that the same time i received my actual card...I cant thank God enough for such bunches of gifts and blessings. I had so much fun... I have more than i expected...

Sometimes in our lives we tried to prove something that what ever was said about us was not true, it might be in our personal issues of endeavor or even to our commitments, some people are just fun of making up and running their mouth to say some lie.

Life is so short i never dwell from the past but i always look forward to start a new beginning with good memories and love. Do I forgive? Yes.... condemn the sin not sinner but to forget it i don't think so??? is just almost a sin either.

Our Father prayer goes like this..."And forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us . . . If you forgive those who sin against us, our heavenly Father will forgive us. But if we refuse to forgive others,our Father will not forgive our sins” (Matthew 6:12, 14-15).