Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wife Swap- Yeah It helps !

Today, i had the chance to watched the episode of "wife swap" in which two families from different world of social class and life style will exchange partners of wives ( not including sharing bed ) but the new wife will adhere and cling to the usual life style such as the house hold rules, activities that they used to do in the first week of stay. But in the second week she will imposed her own way policy and the family will adhere to the said new rules. But because of some complex changes each family are getting grouch and feel ill at ease...

The one that i watched today wasn't that common to some of us, a very dominating husband but bringing enough income with a full time wife but working at home in a medical transcription field. And a very mellow and laid back husband who do all the household work, who don't bring income with a very spoiled wife with breakfast in bed but a successful career woman who bring enough money in the family.

What do you think folks? Do you think this two families will reach out and met in the middle ground and learn from each other?... mmm Yes they did! At first the both parties felt discontented and dissuaded. But because they learn from each others shortcomings they both conceived vividly real that they needed some sort of changes for themselves & for the family.

The dominating husband realize a lot of helping his wife in some house hold chores at the house, learn to value his kids & wife more than he ever thought and the mellow/laid back husband is now looking for a job and not doing the laundry stuff.

Is it fair to dominate the husband/wife and let them do all the house hold chores because they are not bearing some amount of income? I think its not fair but both should come up with a wise plan on how to balance the finances, how to keep the home together and how to raise the kids hand in hand.

I learn that to balance family and work, Couple should always start with a plan, build a team together,implement some schedules such as time for family vacation/to dine outside once in a while, keep home at home such as leave any stress at home but do not bring it to the job and use a time management system. Once in a while couple should have time to talk and open up, to check if both are still happy and not exhausted with the occurring routine.


paul said...

i hear what you are ssying,but iwonder how many get the words but not the message.marriage should always be a two way street and not all streets have a divided line in the middle, so the balance has to be agreeable

neonguy528 said...

A great blog. I love wife swap. Some real whack jobs who are more than a little touched in the head. All the best.