Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Things Dont Come Easy!

Today i feel so blessed and accomplished....Of all the hard work and mounting paper works, i finally obtained the thing that i was waiting for. Good things don't come easy but when it comes oh men its so fulfilling, my hubby always told me good things comes to people who wait and persevere yes its certainly true. yeheyyyy am happy!!! clap clap

Anyways I talked to my niece today and she asked me why can't we skip those failures and errors and indulge things that we want to have? But i let her realize that we need to savor every minute of our life either its a success or failure and don't let time pass us by, those circumstances will shape us to become strong and courageous individual

Life is a one shot opportunity, we cant let the time come backward and go back edit the errors but we can always move forward and do better choices. We are the own director of ones life story no editing no take one and two...

My father in law said to me "even when you travel fast,you miss a lot of the scenery,as with life if you live it to fast you miss a lot of living" by experience haste is never been good but only crush u down make more mistakes


MM said...

Live one day at a time :)

paul said...

you are making me look smart,dad