Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Better to love than lose and never love

I have been trying to influenced my sister to hook someone online and try this marvelous created online dating sites or even try to accept some suitors and go outside to have some fun... I got three sisters over their 40s who are appease of being single, never been married, no kids at all and just enjoying each others company with my mom . My other older sister put her dedication to serve God shes not a nun but she went to a bible school for 4 years and she gain my respect. I have hope of this one sister but not with this twins sisters lol they are utterly closing their doors even the window. But am telling you they are very happy nor never heard them whine for discontentment.

They are my inspiration in life i look up to them, they simply live their lives to the fullest, while other people whined a lot of their situation and restlessly unhappy, still craving a lot of earthly things, even they have enough. Love is not a problem to be resolve you cant confidently rely your happiness to a "man" or to anything.

Few months ago my dear friend forwarded me a message "
A woman without her man is nothing"
A professor let the students put right punctuation in the sentence, all boys wrote "
A woman, without her man is nothing" all the girls wrote "A woman; without her, man is nothing" have you seen the difference? so obviously men and women has its own concept about having each other. And my sister might believe that man is not everything to have to be happy. Its better to love and lose and never love! yes i agree with this who knows they might had love before without me knowing but that was it. Love can be found to anyone we can get that without marrying so to all folks who think they are lonely look at the other side, let your eyes and heart wide open believe me its there!

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paul said...

love is just that be a mate pet hobby or just enjoying what you do,if it satisfies you and you have the fulfillment in life that you look forward to what other people think or say does not matter