Friday, July 10, 2009

Mama's Passion

I remember home how i do my daily routine every morning, watering my mom's small garden with full of orchids.

Among varieties of flowers, orchids do not require to much care but attention. But it does need enough humidity and air flow, its not even necessary to water it everyday like other ordinary one.

Mama used to talk to her flowers and believe it or not it looks like the message was really imparted when they start swinging and dancing with some melody in the air. It's very magnificent and impressive, feels like your in the paradise with so much beauty.

Flowers is like life need to be love, a little light & sunshine, some little pour from the rain and air to breath and inhale... as they blossom and develop like rainbow with different color and sometimes represent tears and joy.

As my father in law said flower is to be seen and shared, but if a flower is not seen and unshared is no better than a weed.

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paul said...

in a way we re all flowers,we grow,we seed ,and we plant ourselves in this world to beautify it