Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love Story

Recently I just wrote about "love" with all those words jumbled up defining what love is & why people full in love and full out.... Therefor i would say that there is no definite precise meaning of this what we called love! But a story and experience to tell describing what is it like and that might differ to some others feelings and definition. It might be found in friendship, sexual love bet. husband and wife, paternal love bet. father to a child, maternal love bet. a mother to child or divine love bet. God and humankind.

I read about love that in psychology book love has three components and and that is intimacy, commitment and passion... And i assent with this ideas. In marriage this three are applied...I just remembered how i felt the connection & love when i first time saw my husband until when we finally tied our knot, but as i said its not only three components but many.

But love is an eternal truth of the history of human race, from God himself who gave his only begotten son and save the world, down to mankind or like a mother who dearly love her child unconditionally willing to give her life and everything. Those are a living example and cannot deny. But what if "people are used and things are love"? A story of a 4 year old boy who scratched his fathers car not knowing that its not just a scratch but it was a written word saying "i love u daddy" But because of the fathers love of his car his deep wrath leads him to damage his sons fingers and cant never grow back again. Indeed its very depressing isnt it?. People are to be loved and things are to be used, but now a days lot of us misused this fact of reality.

Anger and love are no limits we need to watch our thoughts, words and actions, it might bring us to painful sorrow and remorse. So beware! lets use it wisely or else all of us will be used and not be loved...