Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Old home and New home

My home is my island and soul
Who witness me since i was born
My childhood was mold & i become strong
My innocence and knowledge was cultivate and grown

My beloved land my unforgotten home
I'm proud of you because there's no place like home
I promise i will be back soon
And realize the dream that we u have witness on

While am here in my new home
Il make it like my old home
Meet more friends, have fun and live like home
But i promise you il be coming home

You are my home where my heart resides
You are my wisdom and help me decide
Love and care was shared and shined
But now am greatful got old and new home to survive

Long live my two homes i owe you a lot
You are my air that breath me inside
Save me and lift me and even lets fly
Coz with you my home, i can touch the sky

1 comment:

paul said...

there is a difference between birth place and home,you can change your home