Monday, July 20, 2009

Burden is not Forever... defeat it

I spoke to my home girl and am so delighted that everything is fine now and they are planning for their future. Sometimes to love is to get hurt and realize the worth of it. Now goodbye is not forever but a new beginning to thrive and grow vigorously mentally, physically and most of all the relation towards God that no matter what happen God knows whats best for us.

Today am going to share a very good lesson to ponder, handling stress and burdens in our life. My father in law emailed me and a very good thought added to my glass of wisdom. Absolute weights of our burdens do not matter but count on how we hold and carry it. The lady give an instance to a glass of water and she goes " how heavy is this glass of water? the audience said 8oz 10 oz?

That instance show like a burden in our life, if we hold the glass of water in a minute the burden of carrying is not a problem, but if u carry it like an hour your arm will start aching. If you carry it forever the burden will increase and we will not able to carry it anymore and that's the time we give up. The longer your holding and carrying you burdens the heavier it becomes, in life we don't need to carry our burdens all the way but need to rest and refresh take some break pick it up later, have fun so that when you carry the burden again you will have enough strength to carry it on.

Life is an endless struggles but there is always a way to resolve it, its a matter of how you face and handle it. Thought of the day, do not carry your burdens all the way. Take a breath do not think so much. As much as possible do not say final words and try to keep your words soft and sweet to avoid consequence. Life is like a wheel of fortune sometimes were lucky sometimes were not so just take it easy it would never be the end of the world. Life is Fun!!!!


paul said...

understand the message and understand life,
the way is laid out for us,recognize it and things will fall in place

emie said...

yes i agree not too serious of handling it or else we will get crazy but of course need to be wise we cant turn back the hands of time but we always have chance to make better choices ahead.

soggibottom said...

I'm with you Emie x x x

Loke said...

life is fun but there r times sufferings never seem to end.


Dorothy L said...

Such wisdom..

Burden is part of life...identify it...acknowledge it and then let it go.

It really is that simple.


genial said...

life is only

genial said...

thnx for your coming even just staring at my window :)