Monday, July 13, 2009

Does it take Luck or hard work to succeed?

Does it takes Luck or hard work to succeed? I think in my own point of view when we reach to the pick of our success luck goes with it and even good fortune, prosperity and a chance of good fate will come too.

But what about you guys do u think we just need good luck to succeed or hard work to be more successful???? I do believe that people who work hard will reap more fruit of their labor, good things will come to people who work harder and excrete their own sweat and sacrifice. Sometimes we wish and pray about good luck, of not working hard but still achieve recognition and prosperity, i think its wrong conception it makes us lazy and wait for nothing.

We can't relied on waiting for a chance to come to happen and sit down but need to find ways and work to get the chance or luck in our own hands, possibly luck is true like winning in a million lotto prize, those kinds of unforeseen & unpredictable good fate & fortune. But how are you going to win lotto if your not consistently buying tickets to win??? hmmmmmmm well some won some don't and think that is what we called luck comes in.

Apparently hard work must be applied in our lives and not just waiting for a chance of luck or else we will all be stuck and baffle with the wrong concept of waiting for what we called LUCK!


paul said...

they say easy come, easy go, hard work may take longer but the outcome is savored and well protected.

Faye said...

hard work first
i think there are also lucky people.

Gesankart said...

hope that prosperity and opportunity is good fortune will come to you

Cacai M. said...

good point sis.. am with you. It is indeed hard work comes first then the luck--patiently waiting without working makes the person lazy.