Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do We Always Recognize a Blessing?

Mathew 7:7,8 " ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will open to you..for every one who ask receives and he who seeks finds and to God who knocks it will be opened"

This verses was given to my elder sister she help me opened my eyes and enlightened my understanding towards God and towards earthly needs and wants. Do we always recognize every little blessings that we have or we are all merely focus on our wishes and big dreams that we are asking for?

Me myself sometimes do not notice the blessings i am sometimes blinded to big things, dreams and accomplishments. Yes God will always provide but He only provides what we deserve! sometimes we ask why? sometimes we compared ourselves to others life, why they have more blessings than me? well as i said God provide what we deserve...

We sometimes forget to ask that's why blessings are not given to us, we forget to seek that's why we did not find nothing and truth are kept behind, we forget to knock that's why no doors of opportunity was not opened.

Lets ask and ask and ask, lets seek and seek and seek and lets knock and knock and knock.... we might find the answer now. Lets consider every small detail of blessings that we receive the air we breath, the chance of life everyday and not just focus to big things. Folks believe me God will always Provide.

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paul said...

the old saying of not seeing the forest for the trees is true. we seem to have tunnel vision in life and not see the whole picture