Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everything is in purpose

I was running some errand today preparing for my special task tomorrow my "interview" but i did manage it smoothly. I cooked dinner already and do all the stuff before setting myself here in my desk.

Today i spoke to one of my friend back home, she was crying and asking me why her wish and prayers wasn't granted? Shes in hopeless grief asking why? I wish to share to her that not all wishes are granted but sometimes need to be learned before getting it. I wish to tell her that through tribulations, despair and agony is how we gain patience and strength.

She told me if ever she will totally lost this person she rather chose to have cancer and die how pathetic and miserable she is! but i wish to share to her that suffering and pain will bring us to God and appreciate life more... shes really in deep torment... This lady deserve to be happy shes definitely a good person and a friend i feel bad of whats she going through, i wish to tell a lot of things but am not in her shoes to decide. All she wanted is to be with the love of her life shes just madly in love!

The pursuit of happiness requires enough courage & intrepidity... God want us to learn and set example to others by experiencing such dreadful sacrifice. Good things don't come easy but bad things don't last either. We just need to hold and learn to fight and outlive through all the tribulations that we've been going through!


paul said...

why do people think they know more than god,he never gives us more than we can handle
we just have to give our trust,all knowing and all seeing is beyond us

soggibottom said...

Emie, just love your blog. I need to update mine.
I always believe the happiness comes from within ourselves. We need to like "us". It does come from a world of experience. x x x
Michele and of Amie Soto Blossom x x x