Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good dinner

I was wondering what to make for dinner tonight but mom said not to worry. She said we will have barbecue sandwich and i do not need to cook. I head up to the shower and after that go online waiting for my hubby. But just few minutes of sitting down in my desk i feel hungry.

I forgot to thaw the barbecue so i had to wait few minutes to heat it up in the micro wave. It was such a good dinner I like it and i was wondering if hubby is eating already. He can't wait for me to come home and cook rice and some Filipino food. Yes you hear me right he loves Filipino food that's why he is gaining some weights right now lol.

Accordingly Filipino cuisine was been vanishing due to a lot of influence. We got Chinese influence, Spanish and even American influence too much colonization.... some people back home is trying to just eat cereal and bread in the morning which normally we eat rice, bulad and some eggs. Well i still love rice, bulad and even ginamos i missed it so much. They said only poor eat bulad and ginamos will i cant afford to care what they say because they don't feed me anyway. That's what i like and that's not gonna change where ever i go.

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