Sunday, November 8, 2009

Anti Virus

We had troubled of installing and downloading the anti virus in mom annes computer, so we called sister Renne for assistance. Renne get rid of the possible virus, reformat some features and delete some unimportant files. It took her for hours to stabilize the internet connection because it was been slow before since I get here. Anti virus helps a lot to protect spy ware and some disgusting viruses that aim to harm your computer. So before your anti virus expires and attack your pc... you need to be ready of updating anti V or else you will be agitated with many problems. Anti virus is a software that will protect you from spy ware and viruses. It also protect you from online hackers, worms, and botnets. Paying our bills online make it so much easier to us and this anti virus will safeguard us against identity theft and keep our pc tuned and running.

I cook some fried rice and baked some honey chicken wings. It was yummy and filled our hungry stomach. I am not feeling good tonight I might just go and lay down to bed shortly. So have a wonderful night America!

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