Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Movie Collections

I love movies like hubby but i don't like going to the theater but just buy some movies instead. I start collecting when i get here in the states. Some of them was not been returned from hubs friends. I will surely remind him later. The movies that I got are all in English but I might collect some quality Filipino movies too if I found some in the store.

New moon is out already and I told hubby if we could just buy DVD of new moon and not waste our time going to the theater, that way anytime we want to watch it again.... we could able too since we own it. We might watch new moon to the theater because hubby already have some theater gift card. Well i will still get my new moon dvd though....

Do you like going to the movie theater or prefer to stay home and buy some dvd movie and serve as a dvd movie collection?

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