Sunday, November 8, 2009


Who saw the psychological thriller of orphan movie? Am telling you that was amazing but excruciating series of horror, terror, suspense and mystery. An orphan named Esther from Russia who barely escaped from a devastating fire from her last foster parents who perished like a dust. Now shes being adapted again with the Coleman's family bringing a hidden mystery. Me and mom Anne watched it together and while watching it we were sharing our own reviews about the movie and we would say it was a great movie production.

Sometimes we need to be extra careful of bringing some strangers in our own home. We tried to succor some people and provide them a home but thorough background check is strongly a requisite. Esther of this movie has a physical syndrome & psychological disorder hiding in her sweet, creative, bright but very confuse and disturbed personality. Shes ruthless and killed more or less 70 people, a 9 year old kid killed that many?.....find her secret i can not tell whats next...because me myself did not find her secret at my first glance to the movie.

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ruby said...

I saw this movie too, so scary..