Monday, November 9, 2009

Tuna Sandwich

A very terrible headache hit me at the middle of the night. It hurts so much that i could not even hardly breath. Mom and dad went to bed already and could not afford to wake them up. I grabbed a pill that i dont even know the name but guess what it knocked me down and I gone to sleep. In the morning we all got up early for mom's appoinment at All saint Baylor hospital.When we got home i feel dizzy and thought the room is whirling. I took another nap, it was such a sick day. Me and mom come up with a tuna sandwich for dinner and it gives me a little strength and firmness to walked around.

Here's our tuna sandwich ingredients for dinner:
b.miracle whip for dressing
c.sliced potato
d.sliced onion
e. boiled eggs (sliced)
f. bread..............i know every one knows how easy to make some sandwich but just thought to share....


jenie said...

i am also having that tuna s/w earlier this morning...with a cucumber slice to give a li'l crunch.

there is an award waiting for you LADY MS BLOGGER ;) come and grab it soon!

THANK YOU for the comment ;)

Anonymous said...

Kalami ani sis oi! I-try ko daw nia...