Friday, November 13, 2009

Grand Kids

This are my two amazing grand kids...very lovely and adorable. I love them both...before i left the country althea asked me if where am i going? i said am going to the states because daddy sam is waiting for me. She goes how far and when are you coming back? I told her it takes a little while but i will. I tried to give her my necklace because she is starting to cry quietly, i said here's my necklace you can have it ok. She went to the back door and did not speak any word.

From there i realized am more than for some necklace or stuff that they asked from me. Until now i can not believe that a three year old kid could realize my worth for them. It is so overwhelming and i cant help my self turn into tears... I miss my family so much and the kids. They are my inspiration every is more than any money in our account. They are priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

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kathy said...

Cge lng sis, someday kabalik ra ka didto and mag-njoy na pud sila sa imong company.. Lisod jud btaw oi, labi na naa kay mga bata jud ang na-upset nga molakaw ka..

Naa na ka sa Colorado noh? Ugma na ko visit sa imo uban site sis kay tan-aw sa ko sa fight ni Pacman.. hehehehe...