Monday, November 30, 2009

Farm Town with Mom's help

This is my farm looks like now...I can not attend to plant anymore because of my other priorities so mom Anne take over. There was no house, plants and money but now men its way different. I have lots of plants now and looks pretty. Playing in farm town is not merely farming but winning some friends across the country. They also have coffee world which mom also work on it. Once in a while I visit my farm town and every time I am always amazed with the new stuff that mom bought to look more resourceful.

Farm town and farm ville become so famous to every one. I really had a lot of fun when I started it but I have more stuff to do so am always running some errand. Thank you mom for taking good care of my farm. Good job and your definitely a good farmer!!!! Happy farm town to every one.

1 comment:

eleanor said...

OHhhh your farm look nice i think your rich now I stop palying farm town