Monday, November 23, 2009

Lavish Collection of baby clothes, toys and books

I have two grand kids that are utterly amazing and endearing. Kids like them deserve to have adorable stuff too and am really starting to look what sort of stuff should i gave them this Christmas. This store that I found is not only for kids but it is ideals to women, man and kids in other words this is for everybody's store. They have wide variety of merchandise from baby clothes, toys, books and other accessories.

One famous baby toy that they have is what they called jellycat and one of jellycat's collection is bashful cream bunny with her long floppy ear's.
I like this one because it symbolizes the value of friendship. Its very perfect to our little fellow to cuddle and hug with because its soft and light to carry. I am also enchanted with their barefoot dreams collection that features lavish kind of blankets, robes and throws for infants and kids. There products is not easy to shrink but will remain soft like forever. This barefoot dreams cozychic toddler hoodie will be perfect for my 4 year old grand daughter Althea.

Appaman is one of their top brand that was influenced from the designers friend. One of appaman's collection is vintage black football jersey that is 100% cotton. They also have books and Eco friendly doll house that is perfect for your princesses. I am delighted to find this store and am sharing it to you folks. Check it out!

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