Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was wondering what is really the mean cause of seizures. Back home seizure illness is very hard to cure, as I remembered one of my friend's son has this illness and we commonly called this as epilepsy. I witness various kind of seizures and i observed that they have different attacked and stages. Back home the one that I witness was really bad, its a very strong seizures with something saliva bubbling on their mouth. I talked to his mom and she said he had the illness since he was 2 years old, they spent lots of money to find the specialist but still no avail of the right treatment. Every now and then he still have seizures and sometimes he pathetically had the attacked in the street. Feel so bad.........its uncontrollable.. his not growing as a regular teenager and in fact he stop going to school.

Seizures is something to do with the malfunctioning of the brain. It is cause by a sudden surge and or some electrical fused in the brain that cause the body to seized so bad. Seizures vary different stages depending on which part of the brain has a problem. If you have kids that experience severe convulsions every time they have fever you need to be alarmed and see a Dr. for that. As they described seizures as a uncontrollable spasm or convulsions too. An individual that has severe seizures change their behavior randomly they smell, hear, see things that is not real.

Seizures is divided into two major categories partial seizures and general seizures. You need to find out which in the category your patient belong with for proper medication and treatment. Partial seizures had simple and complex seizures...... If you belong to simple partial seizures... your patient is still conscious but some weird unusual sensation may occur such as seeing and feeling some things which is not real. Complex partial seizures.... your patient is having a dreamlike experience. They are not conscious of whats going on and they are more of losing their memory at the time but this will only occurs for seconds. In this stage diagnosing this illness required a very knowledgeable physician to determine the other illness other than epilepsy. One of the family has a migraine headaches problem and am worried because my researched consider it as one of the cause. General seizures is more risky...and i will find it more in my next research.........

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