Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I talked with my home girl kumadre this morning with a disturbing news not only to baby sky but to them too. I felt worried and helpless... Yesterday they brought baby sky to the hospital due to amoeba virus. Kumadre and her husband are extra careful when it comes to their baby sky. They sterilize the baby's stuff to kill unnecessary micro organisms that might cause disease. Everything is clean and how the amoeba penetrate and effect the baby's immune system?

Amoeba is any kind of parasitic protozoan that moves by means of pseudopods. This thing has no definite shape. This can be found to any fresh water ponds, streams, salt and any moist terrestrial environment.

Kumadre always ensure that the house is clean and all the stuff for the baby... but the Dr. said this is because its been raining lately and amoeba are active in rainy days. Baby sky is getting well and that's what matters most. Indeed raising a baby is not easy especially when they get sick. Get well soon kumadre.......don't get stress so much everything well be fine...you know that sky is sky and his strong enough to conquer it...with his unlimited laugh amoeba will be defeated...

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cookie said...

hehehe,,co cute kumadre,,thanx so much..so hate that &^%$#%& amoeba..thanx kuyamad..muahhh!!!