Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fiance Visa

What is K1 or Fiance Visa? According to the US immigration citizenship K-1 visa is a non immigrant visa issued to the fiance of a US citizen to enter the United States. The petitioner or the U.S citizen is required to file the petition on behalf of their future spouse. The USCIS is handling the immigration process including the petitioners genuine background.

Once the foreign fiance(e) have receives the visa through certain interview from their respective embassy they must followed the accompanied law. When they get here in the states they are given a span time of 90 days to marry each other or must leave the US if they can't met the law process. After the wedding the next step is to adjust the status to become a legal resident (AOS). From two year resident, to 10 year and eventually avail the right to be a us citizen with a certain procedure.

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