Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brittany Murphys Death

Brittany Murphy is one of my favorite holly wood actress I first time saw her at 8 mile , a drama music film with m&m. Shes flawless and talented. I was stunned the other day when I read the shocking news about her death. She was found cold and breathless in her own bathroom.

The shining star died at the age of 32, the new years resolution to have kids will now remain as a dream that never come true. According to the news there was no foul play but she died in a natural cause of death. Cardiac arrest is seemingly normal when a person die but what produced cardiac arrest? Well what ever it is Murphy is dead and it don't make any difference its sad.

Her dad can not believe and can not see her that way. Bertolotti feel broken of losing her daughter, he saw his daughter last 3 years ago. He wanted to think that Murphy is just doing some movie somewhere else. Murphy and her mom Sharon are inseparable to each other. Once again Murphy is our sister, girl, daughter, wife and our shining star. Rest in Peace Murphy...

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