Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bye-bye cavity

Long time ago before this remarkable tooth paste was invented our ancestors has no idea of how they clean their teeth. Can you imagine how painful it is experiencing those cavity???...We are really fortunate to have gone this generation with all the innovation of getting our clean teeth and healthy. With all those effective cleaning tooth paste our teeth still encounter some tooth decay and gingivitis, so how much more to those who really don't clean their teeth. I found a classical way of cleaning the teeth before this flavored tooth paste was discovered.

a. Mixing the tobacco and honey- i think back home they called this as "mama" this is common used by Manobo tribe
b. Ashes from the wood fire as they used wood fire when they cooked
c. Lemon Juice
d. Charcoal

Now we are very lucky to have all those wide selection of tooth paste. But keeping our teeth regularly is very important like:

a. Brush your teeth at least twice a day more specially after breakfast and before going to bed. Plaque will be clean out when we brush it properly.

b. Brushing is not only for your teeth but also to every side of yours gums and tongue.

c. Brush your teeth at least 3 minutes in a row, it will help to clean it thoroughly...

d. You need to change your tooth brush every 3 months and make it sure it has soft bristles.

e. Flossing your teeth is very important, our tooth brush can not perfectly reach the hidden area but floss can.

f. We have now dentist so lets use their resources and get help of maintaining our teeth clean and healthy. Lets visit them at least twice a year.

g. Getting the right food and drinks can also contribute of keeping our teeth healthy. Avoid to much sugar the plaque of our teeth would love that. Healthy food like fruits, vegetables and water is always the best healthy stuff that we could take.

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