Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nuclear Power Plant

Everyone who have some concerns about what is going on today is woried especially the issue about the nuclear plant in Japan. Some seems don't care and I could say I was one of them. First because I don't have enough knowledge about nuclear plant. One of our worker in our cleaning business share his knowledge and I was stunned and realize, geese! its very scary.

Nuclear plants are technically invented to produce electricity. Through this plants a certain country will have enough supply of electricity and generate it anytime they want. But there are random side effects and it is deadly when this nuclear plants will explode or if not use wisely.

I found the most accurate definition of nuclear plants and this represents aa electrical power, produced from controlled non-explosives nuclear reactions. Using of nuclear power plant was been a huge debate to the many because of its side effects. It will cause skin cancer and other threats to people and the environment.

Former late president Marcos tried to put up a nuclear plant in the philippines but fortunately, the pros win and it was stop. Geese now Japan is facing a deadly threat and it will affect not only to them but to the whole world.

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