Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Off With Errands

I am trying to thaw my chicken for tomorrow. I need to make a chicken adobo requested by some of my genuine friends. I am off tommorrow and am just ecstatic to see them again. I have been working hard both on my preschool job and managing our cleaning business.
Tonight we will go to one of our account and clean it. We will only do some small stuff and bring one of my husbands employee. His very good and easy to catch up. If everything will grow soon, he will be our main guy.
Yesterday hubby was so happy that our two accounts has outstanding remarks. We did a very good job and we are getting more clients soon. Geese God is so good. But hubby told me that we need to save more and more because if there is sunshine there is also some rainy days.
So proud of hubby he just so amazing...of handling our business wisely! But anyhow we will have fun again tomorrow with friends...Banquet of Filipino food will be in the table again. Oh I almost forget we are filling our 2010 taxes...Hmm I wish we are getting some money...crossing my fingers! lol A day off with errands indeed!

1 comment:

teJan said...

interesting meeting friends and have fun.
goodluck to your business...godbless you more!