Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grandpa Lewis

Guest post written by my buddy Judy Guerrero

Ray Lewis is certainly a motivator for his NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens. Who doesn't like to hear grandpa's stories of how he fought in the war? Lewis can be seen on the sidelines rallying the fans and his teammates, hoping to grab a point or two to put on the board during the game. I don't fault the Baltimore fans for being kind to the old man. He really was a great player. It's nice to see the Ravens franchise still allows him to suit up and be a cheerleader for the team.

Is it obvious I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan? I didn't want to come across as too loyal to the good old “Black & Gold.” It's fun to see old Ray huffing and puffing and spitting like Coach Cowher used to on the sidelines, but Ray Lewis is a linebacker for the Ravens. Those hair products for men that are advertised during commercial breaks from the games must really work. It seems they really do wash away the gray.

The Steelers are matched up against the Ravens in a playoff game that will decide whether or not the team will go on to the next playoff game or not. It is a do or die situation. We have everything ready to go to watch the game in HD (high definition) on satellite TV from . I sure hope Grandpa Ray is ready to go.

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