Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cotton Scrubs From Blue Sky

I believe that one reason of using uniforms in our jobs is to promote professionalism and identification purposes. I work in the preschool and in our infants and first step classrooms, our lead teachers or anyone who will be assigned on that particular rooms will wear scrubs. But we commonly see scrubs in the medical field.

I check one of their related products and most of the time my hair gets on my way while working. I found the pony scrub hat. Geese it is sleek and amazing. The good thing of blue sky is that all of their products is made of
all cotton scrubs. They are comfy and will last longer in use.

Some people are particular in color and I see that blue sky has this
burnt orange scrubs so I guess if your favorite color is orange then this is a perfect scrubs for you. As I said in my previous article that I have some cousins that work in the hospital and some of them in the nursing homes. Several time I ordered nursing uniforms for them and they just thought am so amazing of doing it for them.

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